Why Hasn’t The Bitcoin Bull Run Started? [Cryptocurrency Market Theory]

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Watch this video to find out my theory on why the marker is stagnant!

It’s hard to predict the next few months…it get’s easier to predict the next few years!

Obviously, this is not financial, legal, tax, or investment advice. Do your own research!

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Bakkt and Fidelity Will Bring an ‘Enormous Amount of Capital’ Into Crypto: Pantera Capital CEO

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Crypto Mi-Fi says:

Found a lot of value / Gave it a like / Already subscribed – Keep up the good work!

Alex Green says:

They're squeezing the last Satoshis out of this round of crypto traders

Sandy O says:

As long as we are in this stage (or if we have a drop) I will continue to accumulate. The more I have accumulated when the bulls arrive, the better my profit! Like I said before, I'm good with a cattle drive instead of a bull run as long as we get to the profitable pasture at some point. Thanks for another great video! 🙂

Baby Whale Crypto says:

Not a Novagratz fan…he likes EOS.

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Hải Long says:

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Conscious Crypto says:

This is definitely the calm before the storm, and what a lovely storm it will be! There is so much money queued up to enter this space. I think they're just accumulating at these low prices, buying from anyone they can get to part with their BTC.

I don't know that the largest gains are going to come from BTC in the long run, but I know the surest ones will. Definitely continuing to buy, but having to really slow down and wait for the dips, because I've already invested the amount I originally planned to.

H. Al. says:

Bull run postpone for at least 12 months. Let's get real!

Total Bullion says:

I hope we don't go to the moon for another 1-2 yrs

micky bang-bang says:

Did you hear that Gemini has its crypto insured now ?

Daniel Shrestha says:

Bitcoin will be Huge by March 2019. 100K+

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Joel Hentges says:

Why is Ravencoin starting to take off?

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