WHY I BOUGHT MORE OF THIS PENNY STOCK! 😕 Addressing pump & dump issues

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In this video I talk about why i bought more of this penny stock and I provide you with one of the best penny stocks to buy right now. This penny stock has making a lot of noise recently. The company applied to be listed on the NASDAQ and their revenue has seen insane year over year growth. If it is accepted into NASDAQ this will quickly become one of the best penny stocks to buy on Robinhood (Robinhood penny stocks). If you saw my last penny stock video of the 5 penny stocks to buy now (https://youtu.be/TNtmkJkEBa0) all of our picks are way up. And now this is why I think this penny stock is worth buying (my opinion only).

I also address some concerns that investors/traders have had regarding pump & dumps by Reddit/YouTube communities. From my perspective, what we do is no different than what Cramer does on CNBC.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Alpine 4 Technologies (ALPP) CEO Issues Annual Letter For 2021: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/alpine-4-technologies-alpp-ceo-140000403.html


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The Traveling Trader says:

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Rafael.R says:

Did I miss it, when does it get listed on the NYSE

Storm Lime says:

Sadly most of them are not available on Etoro

Th0nzkie P says:

OTC listed?? 🤔

Brooklyn Stock Shop says:


Malik Yassar says:

Got love for you fam. You talking real.

Mark Brown says:

The dumps are coming lol just watch…penny stocks are the riskiest assets on the planet….mills are gonna get raped…

Miguel Rodrigues de Almeida says:

Hi, i really liked your video, very instructional and great communication. I m new in the investment area and i started using etoro and i just realized that the most "penny stocks" arent there, so i figured that etoro isnt really good for what i want. COuld you tell me where do you buy Alpine for instance? the platform . THanks and you have a new follower

Shondrella Avery says:

Cryptocurrencies and stock investments are proving to be the future of finance, have you imagined if Elon Musk had not invested in Tesla stocks, maybe he wont have been the richest man in the world today. The world is evolving, follow it or be left behind!

eblounds says:

Great video. You should put ALPP in the title.

Carol Buffington says:

You are doing a very good job. Thank you for your work and info.

Tim says:

I can not buy on Robin Hood or we bull? I guess I need another account thank you for helping us

Christian Schenk says:

Still not found out how to reach OTC stocks. Missed on NMGRF already before x-mas at 60c, was simply not able to buy it. Nowhere. Same on AITX. How can I reach them. It works in Tastyworks? I signed on but have to wait for account opening.

Aicha Tovey says:

Company with a good roadmap very transparent

scott corney says:

Super neat analysis! Thank you so much 🙂

hasan smadi says:

ELCH I owned 750,000 shares.

Karina Jabłońska says:

What do you think of CPSH goes well with Biden policy

Ann Higginson says:

Feb 5th is the day to vote on the reverse split for the Nasdaq listing.

your Guide Coach in Europe says:

How to buy OTC so far, please??

Werner Schönenberger says:

MMTIF … my "holy grail" pennystock

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