Why I Didn’t Cut Losses On This Trade

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Why I Didn’t Cut Losses On This Trade

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0:10 I just did one of the best trades that I have done in quite awhile. Nothing huge made about 900 bucks but well executed. And the reason why I’m doing a video lesson is not just oh, another $900 small gains add up. I did something a little different on this. I did not cut losses quickly.

1:00 Yesterday I couldn’t buy it. I thought about buying it, but it wasn’t panicking. It was gradually downtrending from the 11’s to the eights. It did have a little bounce here around 10:30 a.m. but I don’t really like dip buying stocks that drop after an hour. I prefer stocks that drop in the first 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes because that is true panic selling. And here is the chart.

4:00 Even before I could get the alert out, it was up to like 790 and frankly, I didn’t want to chase it. So I was fine with a small partial position. Buying in at 760, I didn’t want to sell it in 790 because, as I said, my goal is to sell in the low to mid eights. So even though I was up 30 cents, I mean I only had 900 shares, so this is a $300 profit. That’s decent but is not what I was going for.*

6:00 The lower this kind of stock goes, especially if I have a small position at first, I’ll add to my position. If you guys have only a partial position or a small position at first, it’s okay to add to it. I know many of you guys are, you’re in the habit of just cutting losses quickly. But trading is not an exact science, and you have to make a judgment call. Because I also have a bigger account, I can take smaller positions, and I can average in.*

8:30 By averaging down, I could get more profit, but at the same time you don’t want to get in the habit of averaging down. I don’t want you referencing this video lesson being like, Tim says always to average down. Rarely will I average down but in situations like this, I believe it was called for.*

9:30 Congrats to everybody who is profiting or learning at least. Even if you’re not profiting, at least you’re learning because we see so many plays. I mean this is mid-summer. It should not be this busy of a market. But it is to take advantage of it. Leave a comment underneath this video. Let’s hear what you think. And get excited in the next few days. I’m going to be releasing a website where you can get in on the early bird of my upcoming conference. We’re going to sell out. This is my tenth annual conference that’s happening soon in Orlando. So get excited for that. I’ll post a link shortly. It’s not up yet. Just be ready the next few days. I’ll see you guys in the chatroom, thank you.*

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learning 1st says:

Stocks, bonds, houses, crypto, (crash). Bank fails. USD Deflation. dow jones will break below 23344.52 and will not go above 25402.83

Nicholas P. says:

Hey Tim ! What ever happened to CONNER BURRGEMMAN ?

jason99net says:

Does anyone know if the fee for the trading challenge is a one time fee or a yearly fee, would really appreciate a response!

Hayden Harris says:

Gosh I thought this guy had money but looks like he cannot even afford a light bulb and a decent computer. Lol

Matthew Gilbert says:

Trading from the intuitive stage versus the mechanical stage.

Ivo Roperto says:

Very good video, and educational.

Tiny Trader88 says:

You knew that when when the short sellers start getting squeezed It's a fun ride up lol  I wonder if the low that got taken out was market makers shaking us retailers out of our stop losses?   I caught SRPT that way last week.  I made 175 on paper, but it is the best trade so far. I missed a home run on HES Friday as well.   Do you use limit buys and sells or mkt orders?  I have used mkt orders with some success. My limit orders don't get filled, and when they do, my stops get taken out even when they are not tight.   I thank you so much for the free videos Tim!

Sfpk says:

Tim, is there any chance you could do a lesson on some of the really basic stuff. When you were showing the chart and talked about a spread of 10c, what is all the other information, why is some red and some green and what are all the letters down each side?

Also, when I start trading (only found you a month ago and have been studying and watching everything I can get my hands on since, deep into candlesticks and market wizards as well as watching your videos), how do I actually place a BUY or SELL order? I know I have to open a brokerage account but if I am in STT and decide to BUY (or SELL)- then what do I actually do – If seconds count, and I have to go to my broker, what actually do I have to do to place an order to buy (or SELL). You said you only got partially executed – why? What happened to prevent your full order being placed?

The theory and the lessons you show are amazing, but can you do one on the absolute basics for those of us that have just found you and are putting in the hard yards to learn – Thanks in advance.

tyler stranahan says:

ULGX breakout of .08 goal is to sell at .10 risk is my entry at .076 dip buys scare me

M C says:

When choosing a stock do you simply randomly pick one you see trending on the news or do you wait until a specific one that catches your eye and is being pumped to trade. Thanks for the videos and the great lessons:)

Flock Ü says:

Great video Tim

Craig Stevens says:

Awesome lesson… I know I've seen 100s already off this exact lesson…but always enjoy seeing a reminder recap. .Thanks Tim…

happy larry says:

No Fuck u Tim and open Cilantro Fund Partners v2.0 so you can lose millions for clients trading your patterns!

Vincenzo Migliaccio says:

Crazy market, me love it 🙂

The Longs says:

Still haven’t figured this trading thing out but I’m going to keep learning and trying. Cutting loses quickly is my main strategy so far.

Deontia Andrews says:

Tim…don't start getting like tim tebow now…lol…just kidding but I understand…great video…

남덕현 says:

Tim, I started to realize your dip buying strategy after watching tons of videos from you, for a month I've been seeing consistent profits. My profit streak hasn't ended, finished green 2 weeks just using your strategy (entire portfolio is up 20%). Thank you Tim for teaching me to be consistent and not be narrow minded. Cheers to the future!

Adel berrim says:

Hey tim you are a wizard 🧙‍♂️, I wish to be one of your students but I am broke for this moment,

Rayden2688 says:

I'm getting lost again , alittle… damn

MianLeo _MM aHmaD says:

mother fucker……

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