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READ FULL DESCRIPTION & WATCH FULL VID I know I usually don’t have anything good to say about Penny Stocks, Forex, and binary options. However, there are some things that I do actually like about them and respect. This is part 2/3 of the series I made, yes it is long but very informative, the last part is honestly my favorite as I explain my drug dealing strategy lol but seriously, although I recommend you all get involved with real estate and options trading over penny stocks, forex and binary options, I still think there is some good with every side as long as you are responsible. That is why I made this video and that is why I am trying to open my doors to traders of all kinds because I realized I cannot stop people from doing what their heart desires, however I can help them go about what they are doing responsibly, so please feel free to contact me!

Pretty much I created a ven diagram showing the similarities and differences between penny stocks, forex and binary options compared to Real Estate and options trading. I tried to be objective as possible, but as you guys can see I choose to do what I do for my own reasons as you do what you want. There are drawbacks and disadvantages to each side. Although I got that chicken scratch doctor handwriting hopefully you guys can read it, I go over them all I would list them here but there is a lot and I am in a hurry lol so that is why I say watch the whole video.

Moral: I don’t care who you are or what you do. If you trade penny stocks, are a Timothy Sykes student, a forex trader, a binary options trader, options trader or anyone trying to flip a house. I want you guys to contact me and I will provide you with my knowledge. Though I might not agree with everyone and you might not agree with me, at the very least, I can provide an objective view and play devils advocate. I just sincerely want you guys to be safe and not lose money trading penny stocks or forex, hopefully you guys can see this!

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Donald Trump says:

Can you honestly tell me what sets you apart from Timothy Sykes and Jake Bernstein and all those other guys, besides the fact that you trade options?

Naton says:

i agree with his points….i came from trading forex with structures, kept losing small trades. Never knew about Braxit nor read any news.
Then I went youtube and found inspiration from Tim Sykes, Thank God for his $6000 entrance fee, so I turn else where,
Finally found "Exposing Tim Sykes…." video…
Ended up trading Options.
Looking back I should've realized how important fundamental analysis is.

Tdell Productions says:

what books do you recommend?? where did you start? you should make a video how you got involved in all of this.

Cody says:

I had watched a video in where you recommend the book "the richest man in babylon" i read that book and it was incredible. I was wondering if you had a video where you talk about more books to read? or if you would make one about what books to read? or if you would just respond to this and directly tell me what books to read.

lucas says:

binary options is a scam, it has terrible risk/reward! if you bet $1000 and win you make $800 profit but if you lose you lose the entire $1000. your reward should always be higher then your risk. it is designed for brokers to make money not the traders

trader says:

great video .. thanks

Html Mentor says:

Did april fools come early?

ItSampleds says:

had to watch because i know you said you hate penny stocks

Beezy Talking Shit says:

So Binary Options is real? I heard it was a scam. Please respond! You ever did binary options and do you have a recommended broker for U.S. traders that actually pays out the money when they withdraw.

Noe Davila says:

How come they don't teach us more about finance in high school?

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