Why I started Trading Penny Stocks

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Intro Page Video..

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ray King says:

you look real man and I think you are my MAN

MeEZ ZE says:

Brother im as hungry as you are !! I just turned 19 a few days ago and it hit me so hard I want to thrive in this very hard and I will work on it so hard.

Nes Quick says:

Just hit subscribe when you said that bro,now let's find out what's going on

nathan “NATE” bison says:

I love seeing another brother into stocks. I think we've been trading the same amount of time.

Cherry B says:

I don't know if you can help or anyone who sees this message but do you have a brokers app I can use to trade penny stocks and paper trade penny stocks for the U.K, I downloaded an app called think or swim but it doesn't have an option to use if your from England so I can't use it if your understand what I mean. I basically want to start trading with penny stocks but don't know what app to use and im from the u.k ?

Paulos Berhe says:

Relating to your come up.
The hunger.

Russell Lee says:

straight up hungry !

Anthony Sipes says:

Sal besides keeping up with stuff online such as Tim Sykes what is the book you would recommend?

Anthony Sipes says:

Sal, I'm really enjoying your videos.

ClayTrader says:

Hey look! It's the scam artist Happy Penny Stock back under a new name.

Louis Zaza says:

how do know your Intro page video

Denis Paredes says:

This is as real as it gets, strong words. Watching your videos daily. How do I get in contact with you?

ted dy says:

how do I get started

Paul Davis says:

in another of your videos you said sign up for all newsletters. any particular that are legit at a high percentage?

Paul Davis says:

just as hungry as you bro!!! it's the challenge of being an outsider. I don't have any background in finance other than my accounting degree. I'm a supervisor at a stinking logistics warehouse!!! I want to be trading full time you inspire my goals!!! keep going in on it bro!

Erich Edwards says:

Hey Sal, do you have any videos on how to maximize the use of the sites you use such as Finviz and Tradingview? I assume you use Finviz to search for stocks to trade and Tradingview to track performance and when to buy and short stocks.

Dave Thomas says:

Good Video

kat daddy says:

Sal I want this to be my career I went to school to be an electrician and got the degree and end up working in a hotel up until today 5 years late I want the help teach me everything u know bro

kat daddy says:

I must say sal your as real as they come I love this video I'm starving and hungry for money ur my motivation thanks for being real I live in NY and just want to be happy in life

Joel Flores says:

Very well said, sharing a bit of what's in your heart and your passion. I can relate to a lot of what you said. Stay right and stay strong. Raise up!

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