Why I Trade Consistent Options Strategy in Tastyworks

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All the gurus out there have you trading Iron Butterflies, Diagonal Spreads, Candle Patterns, Breakout Patterns, etc. It seems that if they recommend the same trade twice, then they are losing valuable content.

And maybe they truly believe that every position needs to be different to be successful. I don’t.

In fact, I believe the exact opposite. Think about it.

Where in your life does repetition and consistency NOT pay off?

Want to get better at sports? Run the SAME fundamental drills. Day in and Day out.

Want to improve at your day job? Keep showing up every day and put in consistent effort.

Want to master your craft? Put in your 10,000 hours into THAT. ONE. THING.

You get the point. So why should trading options be any different?

If your options trading strategy is fundamentally sound…

If it works in every market environment…

If it properly diversifies your other investments…

You can unlock some amazing benefits by really focusing on it, mastering that strategy, before you move on to more strategies.

You benefit with:

– Peace of mind that the strategy is working, even when positions go against you
– The ability to pop in and out of Tastyworks quickly to monitor and adjust your positions
– The ability to quickly identify opportunities and make micro decisions effectively

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By using that link, I get a small pat on the back which keeps me producing these helpful videos for you!


Tim Dobyns says:

The link to your trade list does not work. Also I do not see the link to the trade journal you reference – can you please check and update?

TheKman1138 says:

Hey Jack! New subscriber, and fellow TastyTrader here. Keep up the good work with your vids! I'm still kind of new to options trading…about 6 months in. It was nice to find your videos and hear some similar experiences to mine. Keep up the good work!

Takao Hori says:

Hello, great videos about options trading. I am new to the whole concept and I was wondering if you clarify something for me regarding buying power. Say I open an account with Tasty trade with $2500.00 and I want to do a short put vertical on Apple which is trading for $170.00 for 1 stock. the $2500.00 would not be enough buying power so should I get a margin account? And if so, do you recommend a margin account?

ColGadarby says:

I was planning to trade another one of your strategies – selling vertical spreads. A set and forget mechanical strategy – 70% POP close at 50% profit. IV more than 50% ….BUT – are you still getting the same 80% profitable results during these extremely volatile markets ?

Virendra Sadana says:

Yes Iron Condor

Virendra Sadana says:

Like your videos, find it very practical and realistic. I will follow your trades very closely, Keep up the good work. I want to try IC with you. Right now I am using TWS- Interactive Brokers. Tasty Trade in not in Canada yet.Thanks

Rim AK says:

Hi Jack.. I recently stumbled upon one of your option trading video here on youtube. I loved what you are presenting. I went through all your videos in a day (just yesterday -weekend) and following you now. Please keep up the good work. I started learning option trading recently like 3 month back and your videos are helping me a lot to understand managing trades.
Can you please share what happened to previous account you started($10,000) ? how much profit or ROI you got by managing that small account ?
I will be starting out with small account soon($5000 or less). Please advice DO and DONT's based the experience you gained.
I complete relate myself to your position and want to be 'FI'(having co-operate job and staring side income). The main reason is to start investing in option is to buy a house/condo by end of the year and be debt free as soon as possible. Can you also share your insights as how you have managed to be debt free within 3 year(as mentioned in one of the videos). This will help a lot..
Many many thanks.

Glenn Potter says:

Great points!

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