Why I Trade The Same Stocks Consistently | Penny Stock Investor

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Mang Ling says:

Is Thinkorswim fast on order execution? Anyway, thanks for your video.

Johnny Quinn says:

Making profit on binary and forex trading is only possible with Mr Parker's strategy


what are two comparable stocks to trade besides $JNUG X
$JDST anyone?

I love the smell of my own farts says:

I invested in stocks a month ago. $5 to $5,000,000 in under a month

Samia Transport says:

how are earnings from trading taxed? anyone.

sahil Xhajiyani says:

Get a microphone or somethin

tincansolo says:

please take a look at DAIO. thanks

jordan allen says:

How do you go through your watchlist with the click of a button like Ricky. Without typing the ticker in

Cesar Robles says:

Can you please make a list of the penny stocks that you are treading please??

Thank you!


So I'm in the tech group chat but every time when I try to join during trading hours it won't let me

Sharon Karwitha says:

Hey Ricky which trading platform would you recommend me coz I'm in kenya and i would want to start trading

Jayden Morris says:

Hi Ricky, I've been learning about trading recently and it seems everyone is using td, think or swim and so on. But I'm from Australia. What broker/platform do you recommend? Thanks!

Racquel Forrester says:

By the way, I am a member of your chat room.

Racquel Forrester says:

Great video! I was also wondering if you can do one about stop orders on the sell side. Say for example, if the market goes against you in the after hours, is it better to have a stop loss or stop limit order?

GreekGod-Perverseus weee says:

can i day trade penny stocks with only 500$ in my pocket? if so which broker does that ? i heard you need 25k Funds ind order to day trade in and out the market.

Larry Watson says:

Thank you Ricky so much for you taking the time for tips and advice to help people learn I'm barely learning and I'm in my mid 30s I feel like I wasted time learning at an older age

V L says:

hey Ricky what platform do u use to put in ur trading orders??? think or swim??? or another broker account???

James Dethlefsen says:

What pointer tool in thinkorswim are you using to show the percent of profit? The pointer is a pencil and the blue box pops up on the chart, I can't find how to turn this on.

MrHighfive97 says:

What Chart software do you use? anyone know?

STATS says:

what program is this what you use for daytrading and would you recommend it?

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