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In this video I talk about one of the best penny stocks to buy now, in my opinion, for the long term. Why I’m buying more of this long term penny stock. This penny stock is in the solar/EV penny stocks sector. It has huge upcoming catalysts, including the acquisition of an EV charging company and a potential Nasdaq uplisting. If you’re confused about what penny stocks to buy now don’t miss out on this best penny stocks to buy top penny stocks. High growth stocks for 2021. Best penny stocks to buy now. Top penny stocks.


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The Traveling Trader says:

✅💰⚡🔥Get access to the trade alerts and/or 1 on 1 training here: http://www.TTTsignals.com 🔥⚡💰✅
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Primal 187 says:

Otc stock not available in my three brokerage accounts. Not opening another. Thanks for the info though 😉

Est. 1982 says:

I love SIRC, sitting on 5450 shares at .2425. I'm holding for very long time.

Grant Cardone says:

Nice video !!very engage from beginning to end . Nevertheless business and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party make it to the oval office.

Reliable Homes Canadian chapter says:

You are one of the few you tubers that give us your honest insight & not shoving down sponsored stocks! Thank You 🙏🏼

Laura Frances says:

What is your exit strategy for Aitx . I thought you had said it was a long term hold in a previous video but here I heard you mention it for swing traders.

user70621 says:

Any heard of the penny stock $ASTI not available on RH OR weebull it’s on TOS

arturo corral says:

What do you guys think about kos

mok904 says:

3000 shares my average top high at 2.14 but long term

Heinzy Ketchupy says:

Z in all seriousness with ASTI and AITX, are these penny stocks you swing trade or long term? Their potential looks good long term in my opinion? What do you think?

Todd T says:

I like SIRC. New homes in CA annually along with legislation and acquisitions. Excited to establish a low position before other platforms offer too. My plan is to buy 500 and buy 2 to 3 x mid week.

shahror09 says:

What is your CCIV price target for tomorrow?

Tian Huang says:


J M says:

Hell ya bro I'm all ears on these penny stocks!! I feel like thats my only chance in the short term to bump my account! Thanks.

Eduardo Mendoza says:

AGE X is trying to reverse aging and by doing so it delays or prevents many Cancers and diseases like Alzheimers! Staying young is the real future!

Mark Hall says:

Appreciate your videos and heads up today. But tomorrow I've got plans to add more on AITX and ZOM, possibly INND . Thanks again 👍

Fernando Maldonado says:

Whats your target 🎯 on SIRC ?

Fernando Maldonado says:

Whats your target 🎯?

Ben S says:

Totally agree and I been cost averaging and looking to add more. Thanks for all the alerts in discord. Real traders for life!!!!!! 🚀

Blake says:

Do you play guitar?

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