Why Is The Stock Market At All Time Highs? Why Hasn't The Stock Market Crashed?📈

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Why Is The Stock Market At All Time Highs? Why Hasn’t The Stock Market Crashed? Is The Stock Market At All Time Highs? Why Hasn’t The Stock Market Crashed?STOCK MARKET: FEAR OF MISSING OUT? The federal reserve has repeatedly stressed and emphasized that consumers are doing well even though business confidence, and business spending has deteriorated due to the trade wars. Recently adobe analytics has found that comparing 2018 vs 2019 consumer spending is rocketing higher. Due to the strength of consumer spending consumer cyclical stocks such as target stock, Costco stock, ross stock, and bank stocks are breaking out to the upside. The overall thinking and thesis is that the consumer is doing well and so market participants on wall street are more comfortable pushing more money into the markets. Recently big money (institutions) have reduced their cash allocations in their stock portfolios from a 5% weighting to 3.5% They have pushed in close to $200 billion into the stock market over the last few months. With the corporate bid behind the market, a low interest rate environment, the feds bond buyback program, and healthy consumer spending the bulls are throwing more and more money at the markets. This is their justification for the stock market at all time highs. Is a pullback around the corner with the S and P 500’s valuation rapidly rising? Long time stock market advocates are arguing that in this low interest rate environment high valuations are completely justified.

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Eric says:

So, how much longer can this stock market remain irrational?

Nick Chungo says:

I agree. FOMO 100%

marco polo says:

What goes up must come down but the question is when?🤔

Lydia Santiago - My Investment Journey says:

ROST is flying. They keep hitting highs. I don’t know how long this market will keep going up. I think In a couple years this bubble will pop.

MINDS in Motion says:

I see the stores packed with people spending the money money constantly. Majority of Americans are consumers not investors.

Robert Michaels says:

Can’t buy anything right now!

Space Documentary says:

No deals on the market at the minute. Just a rocket ship to the moon

Passive Income Tom says:

We'll wait and see how the Black Friday and then Christmas sales do. This could be a sign for everyone. 🤔

GenExDividendInvestor says:

I think all the headlines of doom/recession are good for the market. I get worried when everyone is thinking all is ok.

Stockmarket Money57 says:

I'm ready for a stock market crash, but it feels like stocks are never going to go down again lol

Sara Willis says:

Low interest rate environment the stock market is flooded with cash with nowhere else to go besides the United States stock market

Jennifer Babe says:

Ahh, so that’s what’s going on..explains a lot..

Ariel R says:

Red day for the market? Can’t happen lol. Stocks don’t crash all they do is go up

jake jennings says:

SHARE BUYBACKS are what are driving this market-we never ever go red because of such large corporate buybacks

Money Andmurica says:

I guess this black friday shopping is paying off big time! Look at best buy and target stock. The charts are parabolic. Jerome Powell all along has told us how well the consumer is doing

kelly ryan says:

Stocks are going crazy we are overdue for a pullback but like you said the corporate bid is behind the market

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