Why is the Stock Market Up Today? | Stock Market Crash (recession) | S&P 500 Futures

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Jonathan Rose of Active day trader compares S&P 500 Futures with Nasdaq 100 Futures. Jonathan teaches traders how to trade futures, and how to trade stock options.

Jonathan Rose discusses the stock market, and goes over stock market news. The S&P 500 Futures are stuck in a range. While many on Wall Street think the stock market crash will lead to an economic collapse we trade objectively and look for /ES Futures to get Expensive to /NQ Futures or Trade Inexpensive.

Why is the stock market up today is covered in tody’s relative value stock market analysis.

Are we in a bear market? Will the yield curve flatten which many thinks put us in recession?


Rich Lo says:

There was a large selloff going ar close too.

Koji seat says:

Good stuff to compare two indexes or two stocks, God bless Jonathon

Jonathan Rose says:

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