Why Michael Burry Is Predicting A STOCK MARKET Crash

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Michael Burry’s STOCK MARKET Warning
0:00 – Video starts
1:40 – Michael Burry’s warning
3:51 – The SEC investigation
7:40 – Understanding stock market bubbles
10:19 – Make smart investment decisions

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Minority Mindset says:

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Timothy Dillon says:

Jaspreet: If you haven't seen the movie The Big Short, do yourself a favor and go watch that movie.

Me: I'm already paying for Netflix and Prime, I'm not shelling out extra for something they're not including.

M. S. says:

If everybody says there will be a crash then buy otherwise you are missing out. Experts are always wrong. Michael Burry was lucky the first time. This time he is wrong.

Danny Kim says:

Hes trying to do the bill ackman trick. Short the market, incite fear, profit!

Jim D. says:

Awesome intro. In case you don’t know who Michael Burry is, here’s a picture of Christian Bale.

johnnycatR58 says:

Yes let's blame RH and not hedge fund douche bags that manipulate the market.

Joan says:

Hard to lose money when they just keep printing it.

Spoon Killer says:

At this point in my 25 year investing career it's clear to me that the adage "it's not about timing the market but time in the market that matters" is the best advice. You should definitely trim positions on speculative bets that have paid off, but the bulk of your investments should be on automatic in low cost well diversified investment funds/ETFs. Just keep adding to your well diversified positions.

gabby berny says:

Jaspreet, please discuss the formula to determine the value of the stock
How to determine the stock actual value by (expenses, profits etc of company)

Eric V says:

He also tweeted some eugenics-esq and 1930s germany type articles and ideas…it really went bad for him. I had been following him for a few months.

Hyman Bjorn says:

That nerd got it right once 13 yrs ago, now he's an prophet??? I REALLY don't like people that bet against America! 👎🏽

sundowner998 says:

The SEC see themselves as the protector of the bubble.

Tyrell Acevedo says:

Market wont be red forever buy when it bleeds if u a long term investor in legit good companies then it shouldn’t matter

cre8gnr8nrg says:

Buy at 10X earnings and sell above 16X earnings. Most have been WAYYY past this long ago.

the Unrepentant says:

Building upwards while halting expansion outwards causes home prices and rents to skyrocket, placing the lifetime earnings of residents squarely into the pockets of the chosen few. Those most affected cheer each time another tract of land is "protected" tightening the snare on their own demise. A quarter million homeless in Canada with 1000 deaths each month. A major issue in this country is the vast distance between cities, yet no land may be spared for housing. Organized protest in an effort to save a grove of trees meets each attempted use of land, yet forest extends all the way from the West Coast to the East Coast.

This artificially created land shortage serves the purpose of financial institutions, but costs consumers from five to above twenty times the normal price of a home. For each $100,000 of market price, if land is $20,000 and the building is $80,000 lenders will not advance funds beyond the value of the indestructible portion, which is the land, itself. A deliberately restricted supply caused prices to skyrocket with the cost of the building and the cost of the land switching places in the equation. Now, for each $100,000 spent on a home the building accounts for $20,000 of the price and land makes up the remainder, which is $80,000. Banks lend an amount that matches the indestructible portion of the acquisition, which is the land. In an ironical twist this arrangement enables buyers to finance their purchase by paying several times the normal amount for a home.

Canada produces cereal crops and livestock that are its staples, which are grown some distance from cities. We have highways and railways to haul in these products. It also produces some fruit and vegetables during a relatively short growing season. The reality is that 95% of the food that we consume comes from or through the USA. Yet, that has not kept land from being declared "agricultural" in an effort to prevent its use for housing and that has inspired movements to place a halt on the use of all land. In order to save land for agriculture, forest land should be made available on which to construct homes. Legislation and regulations have severely restricted the home building and home improvement industries, the two industries for which we are admirably suited with our abundance of land, lumber, stone, minerals and other material. We have skyrocketing property prices preventing people from becoming established and a gulf between property owners and the remainder that cannot be bridged with any amount of effort. A certain formula for implosion of society.


¹ A result of this cunning sleight of hand is that people make a down payment of $200,000 and finance the remaining $800,000 for a home whose value would be only $200,000 if it were not for the deliberately restricted supply that caused prices to escalate to absurd levels.

² Cities were built on fertile flood plains at the confluence of rivers. Halting use of land beyond these already developed areas does nothing to enhance agricultural production, while astronomical price levels make this land unfeasible for growing crops.

³ Civic governments reap a bonanza corresponding to inflated property assessments.

W F says:

Thank you for your insight.

perf b says:

investing is now gambling? haha, what else is new, what else is HFT and Hedge Funds and Wall Street all about? We need some tax reform to disincentivize speculation, such as the Bernie's wall street transaction tax.

Nick Ellermann says:

The SEC is a bunch of a$$ hats. The SEC is the one manipulating the markets!

John Doe says:

The big short is a great movie but it misses how anti redlining laws creative the necessity for bad mortgage backed securities.

Harvinder Singh says:

The Big Short is a pathetic movie

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