WHY NOT SELL Before the Stock Market CRASHES?? | Robinhood Investing

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Follow my progress as I dive head first into investing, while trying not to lose it all!!

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Please note I am not a market professional. I am not responsible for any trading losses that may be experienced by following my wayward lead, in fact I recommend you don’t follow my lead. 🙂 Have fun and happy trading.


Robert Rosales says:

But you should at least put a 10% stop loss every time each stock peaks so if it drops 20% or more at least you only lost 10% and could get back in it at the bottom and recover that much quicker?

Jeff Thayer says:

Because I'm too busy growing a million dollars worth of high grade pot…..that's why…..you worry about the market. I'm making money….90 day millionaire

gumaro mendoza says:

Hello guys,
Does anybody have any good recommendations for gold or bond ETF's? Need to cut down the volatility of my portfolio.

Silicone Beauty Blender says:

Hey there, what would be the best place to contact you in regards to a business enquiry?

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Aung Khant Nyar says:

Please please do a video about tax and stuff

Practical Bible Studies says:

I can't imagine selling right now. I'm buying more as the market goes down. The Jim Cramer method. The more it goes down, the more I buy.

Erick pesina says:

all my money is on ford and pcti?

Joker says:

I would have locked a % of the gains when PTLA jumped up. There was time. Not jump out but lock in a profit. That's MHO

BrenSki says:

Thank you very much again, it would be nice to see a video explaining tax implications. I'm younger and new to taxes in general and want to be informed on how that works with my stock holdings.

dcvmnaturalist says:

Thanks again. I'd love to see a video that goes more in depth about taxes please.

Tomas Ludvik says:

It depends on interest rate of central bank. Market will collapse when they increase interest rate significantly.

southernslice1 says:

Its your money! Do your thing and dont worry about woulda, coulda, shoulda people.

Silver Jaguar says:

Your always in the red cause you have way to many stocks bud… I own 7 stocks and only had I been in the green

Jameson Foge says:

My portfolio has been consistently green this year. I hold VXX SDOW SH as well as others so I go up when market goes down and go up when market goes up. I'm ready for a crash or correction even.

Joel Estoye says:

Kinda wish you would buy some RACE & TSLA to compliment F. Also KITE & MYOK to help PTLA ?

Luis Jimenez says:

My portfolio has been hurting a lot. But I just need to be patient :/

LogicalArtist says:

PSEC is down mostly based on a negative article. It will recover.

Geovany11 says:

Thank you Robinhood Portfolio for sharing, I have been trying to be patient with my stocks since I began trading and investing. I do believe that in the long-term a good stock will keep growing by going up, down, and up. As you said, is unpredictable what can happen Monday and the next coming days. The stock market really needs patience.

Daily Deals with Tim says:

Also, I've been looking into buying more F and GE. What's your thoughts on GE? A lot of negative news for them but it can be a good time to buy in my opinion. They have a solid brand and I feel like they would last quite a while.

Daily Deals with Tim says:

Can you do a detailed video on the tax implications? I saw previous video on taxes and I remember faintly about 'if you hold a stock for a long term, you don't get taxed?' or something like that.

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