Why Only 10% of Stock Traders are Successful (and 90% Fail)

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Aerohk says:

Hold until the price goes above your buying price. Simple.

Black Amor says:

this vid was a complette waste of time, nothing new came out of it

nick price says:

why do 90% fail, well, because ya cant fix stupid…

Kirak says:

Excellent video!

davisx2002 says:

it all depends on how you define failure

Glop1298 says:

Excellent video. Very good!

Belinda Obong'o says:

You are very eloquent and you pass your points clearly.I want to get more knowledge in stock trading before I start.From Kenya I do appreciate

rhapsovay says:

Great videos! Leaning so much. Thanks a lot.

some one NAME VALENCIA says:

Sasha tell us how was Ur first time at the stock market and if you won or fail the first few time

mike verlinde says:

You explain something in the first minute and then repeat it again and again the other 13 minutes. So if you dont wanna waste your Time dont watch it

ramesh sharma FB says:

superb coaching

iDom95 says:

Being successful and profitable are two different things. I feel Sasha was talking about stock traders who are doing it full time, rather than only %10 of traders are profitable

Zenas Bergen says:

Helps if your a natural. If it doesn't work for you in the first 2 months, Your probably not built for it.

Zenas Bergen says:

You have the right Idea my friend.

Ulderico Cipollini says:

dedushka u just bla bla bla my friend

james soriano says:

Thank you for the message of perseverance, God bless you sir.

cliff Madziba says:

And also anything for my brother on real estate investing

cliff Madziba says:

I'm 18 interested in day trading futures do you have any books or courses you know I could read or attend and I'm a first them watcher but multichannel should be on tv and have you considered writing a book

Unlimited says:

2:31 What about Bo Jackson?

Vic Ivanov says:

learned a new word. Neesh

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