Why Ray Dalio Thinks The Stock Crash Of 1937 Matters In 2019/2020

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In this video I go over Ray Dalio’s 4 key similarities between 2019/2020 and the 1937 stock market crash.

Ray Dalio believes that 1937 is the most similar period to the one that we are in today. I’m going to discuss why. Then we’ll finish with 3 ways to prepare your portfolio for these conditions.

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tinox12 says:

how can buffet hold 122 billion usd when he is worth 80 ?

who is making the claim? says:

sell all equities with a p/e over 30. got silver?

MorphTW says:

17 years for recovery than because of second world war. such long cycle doesn't have to repeat again.

Angelika says:

I hope you are waiting for the dip to buy those aristocrats, they may suspend the dividend if the economy is disrupted. So caution!!!

Samuel Boyle says:

Lol this guy should stop backpacking and read a newspaper

Kazakman 777 says:

Time to short US

Mike Gi says:

Conditions are not really the same… and 17 years to recover okay but with a world war inbetween

anass-omar bougueddach says:

Will any one mention there was a word war at that time??

Box Lane Productions says:

they're lowering interest rates and were loading the central banks up with their own debt then moving onto a new monetary system

Szymon Andrzejewski says:

What if company stops paying dividend during hard time? Companies can stop paying dividends when they want to.

Nicholas Varro says:

The fed has now lowered interest rates. But initially increased them.

james lachs says:

I'm 112 years old and, take it from me, 1937-1952 were tough years. I had my powdered wig repossessed in 39. The similarities between then and now are uncanny. QE, in 1937 and 2019, were/are virtually identical. Don't even get me started discussing the similarities in machine-generated trading.

Turtle Trading says:

Ray Dalio, Peter Schiff…and many more say literally every year that there will be a market crash. Guess who can do this too…everyone. There will be eventually a recession or a massive correction and they will get it right because every year they say that there will be a crash. However, does that really mean that those "gurus" were right and spot on? I don't think so.

010Astroboy says:

The Fed is lowering interest rates not raising them!

William Wu says:

It's not timing the market, it's time in the market. Says every salesperson

Kim says:

great video – thanks

Crunch2 says:

The growth of the market is largely pegged to the US dollar which itself was vastly different then than now.

Roy Dopson says:

…And we all know what happened in the 40's.

sommi says:

🧡💛💚💙 Spastics in the comment section are saying "OMG THEY'RE NOT HIKING RATES, THEY ARE CUTTING!"

You know nothing about economics and nothing about markets. *The FED does not control interest rates in the long run*. Eventually we have to mean-revert back to historical normal interest rates. When they print a shit load of money, something is going to crack. You cant just keep cutting rates forever, eventually the currency is worth NOTHING and they have to hike interest rates just to save the Dollar.

Buy Bitcoin and Buy Gold. Wait 10yrs, see what happens 🧡💛💚💙

Christian Olsen says:

Buffet said in an interview a few months back that he is holding cash because he might need it to cover short term expenses at Berkshire example if their office flooded. He said in the same interview that there was no reason for the average investor to hold any cash unless they need to pay short term expenses.
However many value investors are indeed holding on to large amounts of cash.

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