Why Scalp Trading Works – 2-3 ticks all day long

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So how do you scalp the markets? watch the Tradescalper in action for stocks, indices, currencies or any market you prefer. Just remember to use the ATR for claification as taught in the course.
http://daytradetowin.com/blog/ for more info and opportunitie to become a daytrader.
price action at its best!


Răzvan Afloarei says:

What is a tick? Is it related to pips?

Roger Cobbs says:

5 to 10 pips and cents was my trading goal now futures sounds better less money to make a lot

J H says:

Newbe me this is out of my expertise.

Steven Gomes says:

Which broker do you use for scalping the stocks?

Hana says:

does it work to trade equities as well?

Hayden Harris says:

The problem that exists is the graph is random to the end user the trader so strategies and training are just for fun but gambling is not.

Cindy Barrymore says:

@Day Trade to Win do you guys have a scalp trading course. I generally scalp between .04, .05, .07 and .10 cents when I scalp. Usually it's based on what the price action is doing. If there's a better strategy, I'd like to learn it. I don't have any desire to change from platforms though, at least not right now.

bangkokskater says:

do you trade crypto?!!!!

جو جو says:

hello please can you explain whats the advantage of scalping and thanks in advance

DaSnipy says:

sorry for a very basic question .. but what is a tick ? 🙁 and how much money is made or lost on a tick or is the question incorrect? sorry ..

5t3vi3Bswagbagent says:

how do i get into scalp trading on crude oil etn or scalping in general…every broker i called even tradeking n all the cheap brokers r saying i need 25k to day trade vs 500 to swing trade n none of them even allow scalping thru their firm…what do i do

Craig Thinks says:

Is there any traders judgment involved other than the odd days like FOMC? Does it work with Ninja 8? Are you doubling down after a lost?  If you are trading for 3 tick with a 6 tick stop you need to make 2 to 1 to break even.  Should be easy to back test and forward test to get the win loss ratio. Ninja, you can event trade practice after the market closes.

Pakwe Kasih says:

is it  "BAR TIMER" that i heard it? how can i get it?

Pakwe Kasih says:

because, every time, i wanna make a change the prices that offered, whether low or high, i cannot make it. usually i just use the market execution without put any SL or TP!.

Pakwe Kasih says:

how can i get the small long box that shown in your mt4?

G.J WALE says:

what is an atr and where can i find that?

Tudor Militaru says:

try to do this with my broker, they have an average 5 pip spread !

Jay Preis says:

Using ATR merely provides a crude estimate of how far price might go–in either direction. ATR does not tell you which direction.  And if you choose the wrong direction, you may well end up losing more than the 3 ticks per contract that you had hoped to scalp.

Wenutz says:

How many trades can you scalp per day?
How much money can I make on average scalping the market for 2,3 pips every trades?

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