Why Stock Market Will Crash in 2017 – (What You Can Do as Economy is Collapsing)

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See Why Stock Market and Economy Collapse in 2017

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Some of the ways to prepare for the 2017 stock market and economic collapse are discussed in these videos below:

How To Survive the 2017 Recession:

Stock Market Crash Warning Signs:

2017 Stock Market Crash, Economic Collapse:

What I am Doing to Prepare for Market Meltdown:

U.S. Government Running Out of Money:

Complacency Implies Stock Market Crash:

And also, the biggest video, explains why we will have a market crash and a recession by November 5th, 2017:

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Chad Abshire says:

I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this it why I got a few short out right on tech and other into I see trend change but most index and bullish etf is looking bearish

Zackery Peltier says:

mike maloney refers to this economic state as " the everything bubble" .

Financial, Business & Stocks Analysis and Reviews says:

Good video. However I don't see a huge market crash coming this year. Sure many stocks are over valued but at the moment the are no real good investment oppertunities available. Commodities sucks, bond markets sucks. Only crypto coins and stock markets are currently the best options to invest in. Lots of retailers are going bankrupts because of e-commerce. E-commerce is booming at the moment. Look at what Amazone and Alibaba are making. It's insane in the recent years. However the stock market will crash if the war against North Korea starts. But it wont crash hard as the FED and Trump will step in

P Pruthvi Kiran says:

Your stuff is great man. Its clean & simple even for a regular guy. You should do more of these to educate people. I have few questions. Would be greatful if you can clear it up.
Can you explain how change in interest rates effects recession? What is your take on the effect of recession over cryptocurrency? Does this recession/bubble in US effect all other countries like it did in 2008? Thanks in Advance 🙂

Woke News says:

Hide ya kids, hide ya wife — the markets is coming down. Timber!!!

JavaJunkie009 says:

Peter when is the best time to buy gold and silver mining stocks? Will they get hammered during the coming correction?

Sobuka says:

The stock market is not going to crash. The fed will print money and just buy shares. We will however have a HYPER inflation problem. Thumbs up though! I like to hear different sides.

r tg says:

Buy silver and Litecoin. Not just a hundred bucks do like a hundred grand.

Enho Kuo says:

Good explanation!

Robert Tarter says:

Just discovered you, Thank you very, very much

chun wei Hsu says:

If majority of the people on the market think that the market is going at a positive direction, then people will keep buying and the market keep going up. is that correct?

Brandon Taft says:

I want to wait for the market to tank then start buying SPY and QQQ etf's to ride up the next bull market It's slower term but I don't have much money saved up anyways and it allows more time to build up a share basis over the years of the next bull market after this bear market comes and goes… Does this seem like a long term strategy for someone in their 20s Peter?

kreteman777 says:

I really don't know how I'm going to tell every human being I've ever met but for you I'll try.

Luis Francis says:

Thanks Peter!

Francisco Melgoza says:

Hey Peter, I hope you're doing well. I've heard you mention in some of your videos that you're not so much expecting a total meltdown of the economy but rather a significant market correction and recession. However, with all of the indicators you've mentioned plus a massively inflated stock market, wouldn't the expected outcome be similar to 2008? Or would it not be as fast of a collapse, but rather a slow and long downtrend over time that would end up with the same result as the previous economic crisis? I don't understand how you'd expect something less than 2008 when all of the indicators are looking worse now than they were then. I also wanted to ask if you're still looking into LODE as a potential investment. I've tried to enter this stock a few times but have been getting shaken out by my stop loss limit. Thanks!

Shayke Speeer says:

My best guess…… September or October. Yours?

Mojito says:

so it's 2008 all over again!

unfrieden says:

Good content (as usual) – I like your analysis.
But I have to be honest: the presentation is not on the same level. I'd rather watch you talk than look at a slideshow of photos.
Maybe try outside for a change of scenery or use some charts or captions. 🙂

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Do you think explorers (gold, zinc, lithium…) and cannabis stock (new booming market) are a good investment during a crash?

bass man says:

and if this is the case why doesnt the so called president…being the brilliant business man that he is , talk about this in his sorry tweets

bass man says:

you said people were being dishonest to banks? is it not the banks responsibility to do a background check…to ask you to supply a w2 or a check stub….the housing market and the auto market know better…they push people to get things they know they cant afford ….why …because all in all with high interest rates, payments you already cant afford….the bank at the end of the day will own you…..you had people being approved for $200,000 dollar homes only with an income of 35,000 a year. this scheme has been since the banks came about. so dont blame the avg man or woman saying that they lied on an application….at the end of the day these banks know what their doing.

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