Why the Bitcoin Crash is a GOOD Thing

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Here are 3 important reasons why you should be glad Bitcoin is dropping.

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Aleksandar Knežević says:

Even though am enjoying a lot, and learning immensely from your videos when it comes to trading and technical analysis, I must say when it comes to crypto, in my humble opinion, we are prone to be victims of events or bigger interests.
To that point, it is clear that we can be on this wagon believing, or we can be with "dumb" or more precisely said ignorant money, but the fact is while a majority of us are not with dumb money we won't see moves…ones that affect market like December of 2017.

Am by no means knowledge worthy when it comes to technical analysis, but some logic moves were fully wrong due to fact that market makers didn't seize their opportunity…or we missing the bigger picture.

Still, like i stated above, you are providing great value with these videos and so much to learn so thank you for that.


SauceBo55 says:

They won’t leave until Tye Lopez leaves

Blockchain Marqets says:

Is Bitcoin a Scam? I made this short video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BH7q7IyjsE

Eric Munoz says:

one of the most down to earth analysis . no bullshit , just clear analysis

Sithembile Enu says:

just so you know.. you are the guy that inspired me to start to trade with the BBC: interview somewhere in 2011 .. good to find you here on the youtubes.. this is funny .

TheBadWolf TV says:


Rizwan Siddiquee says:

I am a big fan of you man. Just one question… How many bitcoins are you holding? 😉

Mind Trader says:

@Alessio just tell me how I can view BTC chart on MT4 ?

Afsheel saleemi says:


A SILV says:

What is your thoughts on the coin market being controlled? if you check bitcoin and other coins the graphs resemblance in undenaible. The major coins drop together at the same time…it cant be coincidence

Andrei Japs says:

I still dont understand why your 200MA is that low. and those "dead wood" is the "Greater Fool". We profit from greater fools.

Talk about looking at the bright side.

Devin mccloud says:

Bitcoin has a value of $1000. I love watching you lose all your money and crying. You thought you could play the game with billionaires. The rich are pump and dumping Bitcoin while you buy in. You are all suckers.

TheTanelChannel says:

Love your videos man! Very informative information. Will try to get those books also!!
Dealing with a lot of ICO investments myself atm, not really chasing the market so much but when the market turns it is good to have positions in as many good projects as possible.

Jimimori Jixopegu Jiuvoqi says:

8:01 that's the stupidest thing i ever heard!

For ex.
Try that when you drive on highway, see what will happen….

Xavier Fiechter says:

You suggest to buy now Bitcoins. You did the same during the Dot.Com crash (you just bought more..) It was wrong because there was no recovery. Why are you so sure BTC will go up significant again? Maybe 1000$ per BTC is THE price.

A.A.Arnold says:

One more dip then party then crypto party on 4/20

NinjaPcMaster says:

bitcoin is dead and no one should buy it.

janusz sut says:

They lost intrest because this garbage is going to 0$ made my money in this pump and dump and I'm out

Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes says:

+Alessio Rastani
When BTC was at 5000 people were calling for higher prices. If you were a contrarian you would mostly miss the huge highs. How exactly do you know the tipping point?

Kommler says:


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