Why The Stock Market Is Going To Crash Big – Bull Trap 2020

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In this video we go over why the stock market is going to crash big.
Why The Stock Market Is Going To Crash Big – Bull Trap 2020
3 Reasons Why the Dow Will Crash Below 20,000 in 2 Weeks


trader says:

Take it day by day buddy

Clifton Volatile says:

Bad news on Tesla this morning. Good for your puts!!

johny5ooo says:

I need that what your on 🤣

Max Weigang says:

Your Videos are interesting. Bit to Long for my taste but you should let the Story Teller Tell His Stories.
Ever thought about Show Trading ? Letting people See how you are doing over the days? eToro or maybe Twitch?

Sly oMercy says:

I love seeing all the positive comments now; its a nice change. If I didnt lose my butt on tesla calls, I'd definitely be looking to buy some puts🤦‍♂️😂.

morleycable says:

The previous closing price. Forget all other indicators. Will I have lost so much due to not having this, makes it clear to have price targets… Even days and weeks prior, previous closing price acts as support… They are like steps and stocks tend towards the step lines of previous closing price. For all stocks.

H ARCA says:

Good shit Will. Good luck to you brother you're teaching me and many others golden game!! Keep it up and look forward to joining the team when your course comes out!! Cheers from SoCal USA

Donny H says:

Dam dude, how far are you down for the last 2 weeks?

Retro 89 says:

Keep it man, for real

forte coupe says:

i used this strategy for AMD and it worked but i messed up because i panicked. i sold when the candle wasnt settled yet and i just kept seeing it go pass my stop loss. only been a couple months since i started but good looks fam

Dave Lewis says:

Love the honesty. It’s rare nowadays.


Need to see a video of how you chart for price action, etc. would help to get a better idea of your strategy.

Plug’d In says:

I must learn this strategy


This channel is great bro. Insane value.

Ian Brubaker says:

Great analysis, and backing your ideas up with reality. That's where the value in your strategy is. Keep up the energy, it's motivating!

Tavis Leaf Glover says:

Thanks for your info, good luck!

Flow says:

So uhh how do you implement the white lines? Whats the name of it under tos studies

alexis aponte says:

This dude 🤦‍♂️….you literally telling your followers how to lose money

Maniac Studios says:

Dude you have such a big ego relax man you need to not take yourself so serious.

emmanuel martinez says:

Where's the link to your Instagram?

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