Why the Worst Market Crash EVER Will Happen in 2018

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One famous investor believes that the worst market crash ever could happen this year. Is he right?

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Ed 1210ED says:

Right or not, it can't do any harm to prepare, for some gadgets… If N- Korea is going to be mad, 2018 will be a disaster on markets anyway..
A 2018 mug and a 2018 T-shirt is the least you should have…

....llll says:

Your video is bs

imdouce says:

I'm seeing the Dow Jones top off at 30k ish. Then yes, the biggest sell off in everybody's lifetime is coming.

Evan Hidalgo says:

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Zaka Pentax says:

6:06 will make new highs or will not ??

Common Sense says:

Wonderful, unless your about to retire but then you should have your money in conservative holdings. As for me being 40, if it goes down, excellent opportunity to buy stocks on sale.

John Magee says:

no planet money useless

Retro Amplification Minnesota says:

Nonsense. Support is holding and forming a base is another theory too!

ToysToronto says:

Great videos. Always very informative and in-depth analysis


Let me borrow a term from crypto currency market, FUD.

chargermopar says:

A market cannot crash when it is not real.

Alfredo Rodriguez says:

I agree. Look like the market is going to crash. My recommendation is buy bitcoin because is decentralized. Bitcoin is going to survive the crash.

Michael Mwakazi says:

Great video

Tina Dodson says:

IMHO, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that you "Buy Low…." why would anyone sell when the market is going down? Personally, I'm excited about the drop in BITCOIN price! Time to dig deep and "Buy the Dip!" I'll have that much more bitcoin to "feed" my crypto auto-trading bot!!! 1 > 2 > 3 strikes, I'm IN!!! C'mon, baby. . .Yay!

george cobern says:

Being Trumps friend Hannity doesn't talk about the need for a balanced budget amendment anymore like he did at nauseum when Oboma was president, what a hypocrite sell-out and a disgrace to the republican party. Hannity, your not a Reagan conservative republican. Your true colors are showing and your show is just that a show not an ideal.

B Dub84 says:

We are overdue for a recession. I believe it could happen late this year but more likely later on. What's most important to know is it doesn't matter when the market turns. If you are smart you'll have stops in place. It is helpful to know if you choose to short.

Indy Jones says:

Jim's called 2012 the year of the worst crash ever. I suppose even a broken clock is right twice a day and he will be right eventually.

Javier Pastor says:

Buy Bitcoin. No other currency can compite with it. Gold doesnt let you trade today. Bitcoin does, worldwide pair to pair.

P Bowry says:

I agree something is coming

B Folds says:

A crash is coming at some point. I don't know if it will happen some time this year or years from now, and neither does Jim Rogers or anyone else.

I highly doubt it happens this year. there are huge corporate tax cuts for companies that are already posting record numbers

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