Why Virtually Anyone Can Be a Penny Stock Trader

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Can almost anybody be a penny stock trader? I think so. To me, this game is predictable. So if you learn to pay attention to what’s happening behind the scenes with these junk companies, it can be easier to understand how things might play out. Watch and learn!


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You might not believe me, but I think nearly ANYONE can be a solid penny stock trader…

In this video, I’ll explain exactly why I feel this way.

I know many people view penny stocks as junk stocks — and with good reason. But it’s not a coincidence that I’ve had consistent winnings and taught others to do the same in this niche.*

Now, this is another thing that might sound crazy…

Penny stocks can actually have the best potential risk/reward ratio out of all the types of stocks you can invest in.


Because so many people hate on penny stocks. It’s expected. So much so that I’ve put my money on the hate for penny stocks for the last 20 years. It’s been working out so far for me.*

Confused? Trading is counterintuitive sometimes.

I’ll go into more detail in this video.

But let me just say that the things people hate penny stocks for are the very reasons I love them.

Moral of the story: It’s smart to be observant, especially in this niche. Be on the side of the observation and research.

Because you definitely don’t wanna be on the side of the suckers and gullible newbies.

So watch this video and educate yourself on how stock manipulation occurs and how I take advantage. That’s how you can keep yourself from being in the dark in this game.

Once you get how this game works, you can better prepare.

Leave a comment below if you understand that penny stocks are corrupt and that corruption is exactly what creates opportunity.

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Timothy Sykes says:

Leave a comment below if you understand that penny stocks are corrupt and that corruption is exactly what creates opportunity.

Wendell Polk says:

Hello Tim
I'm in your 30 Day Bootcamp and I am loving it. It is giving me a lot of knowledge that I didn't have before. I want to get the Stock2Trade but want to know if you have updated it to a trading platform where I can execute with multiple brokers right from the the STT Platform?
TY keep up the good work.

Da Vo says:

Can I get a discount?

bernie davey says:

Corrupt as hell and for me its about learning the setups learning about disclosures Q 10 study and study earning reports which seems the hardest to get through. If the setup isn't there then dont trade be patient .Tim your absolutely right. Thank you sincerely Bernie Davey

Kevin P says:

Gnus, idex, ibio, vxrt, kodk, onek all feel like pump and dumps. Yet were called the next big thing at one time this summer

This Engrained Heart says:

You are so amazing!

Erick De Jesus says:

Let me take the opportunity to thank you Tim I’m new just learning my goals is to edúcate and gather as much data to become A Pro

Kevin Guthrie says:

Tim you have turned me into a believer and i am studying the past to be better prepared for the future. The complete penny stock course was a great read!

Mountain Evergreen says:

This guy is a genius

Lorena Gerardo says:

I recognize penny stocks Nate corrupted!! Thx for da lesson Tim🙏♥️

Andy Salo says:

i am understanding about the corruption, one thing i think i've figured out is some promoters get paid to promote the same stock for weeks at a time and the stock basically stays sideways unless you like a %2 gain which would be a lot of capital to make any money. would i be correct to assume the promoters are actually just moving money around among themselves, within the company, i have seen it on the same stocks many times over the last 18 months, as long as you keep educating me enough to build my account i will be in the challenge as soon as possible thanks for everything, i always listen to everything you say, i know you know what is going on. no hater hear, i have a lot of respect for you!!!!!!!

Holdmytexan says:

Thanks boss, I love pumps and I'm thankful for your videos explaining them!

James Butler says:

Yea I got screwed on penny stocks many years ago.. I got sucked into a rat hole.. and I haven't fully recovered from that.. so I like to trade large cap, and I do well..

Maby one day I'll get back into the penny pumps..

That's what I love about the stock market u can trade all sorts of markets if your good and pay attention!!

badco918 says:

Tim I sure love your straight to the point vicious truth videos and thank you so much.

graphicist says:

LMAO!! I love you Sykes!!

Kupaaikekaiao Thomas says:

I understand that stocks are corrupt and that corruption is exactly what creates opportunity.
I'm not sure if this is too late, but can you have a Labor Day sale for your DVDs? I loved the Fourth of July ones!!! They can help me understand corruption even better.

Redneck Buddha says:

I love this guy lol, entertaining

Raquel Patino says:

I'm obsessed with his teaching. Doing the 30day boot camp challenge. I want to be one of his success stories.

Yo 7 says:

Building my knowledge account to be prepared for future opportunities

mark ramos says:

I wonder if Tony romos portfolio has any penny stocks?

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