Why You Are Losing Money with Free Stock Trading?

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The sad reality is that too many people underestimate what it takes to trade profitably. So today I’m gonna get into the importance of researching brokers — even free ones. Plus, we need to talk about how you can get into the right trading mindset…

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The sad reality is that too many people underestimate the amount of work that it takes to trade profitably. You have to think about all aspects of your trades. Today I’m gonna talk about why it’s important to research brokers — even free ones.

A lot of people have what I like to call ‘the coupon mindset.’ They try to invest the least amount of money and time possible into becoming successful. How little can they pay a broker? How can squeeze the most out of every profit?

If you’re worried about spending a little more on brokerage commissions, you might be cheating yourself in the long run.

There are a lot of upstart brokers that offer free stock trading. What you don’t realize when you use these free stock trading apps and no-commission brokers is that you can lose in other ways. They might screw up your trade execution, your shares, or not allow you to short sell.

And you might not be able to trade some of the best stocks because they aren’t even available — all because you chose a broker for cheap or no commission fees.

Here’s what I think: Invest more time and money into your education and get into the right mindset.

With the brokers I use, I’m willing to pay $5 or $7 per trade. I know that I’m getting good execution. I’m not going to risk losing hundreds or thousands of dollars on bad executions or not be able to execute trades on certain stocks…

You can sacrifice a lot in quality just by trying to save a few bucks. If you truly want to find success, you’ll have to invest time and money. You need to establish the right mindset.

There can be plenty of trading opportunities, but you need to be prepared and patient. Sometimes the best trade is no trade.

What’s your experience with finding a broker? What are your best and worst broker moments? Leave a comment below and tell me what brokers you use.

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Timothy Sykes says:

What brokers are you using? Tell me why you like them!

Barbara Phillips says:

Heck No !!!!!!

Nakisisa B. says:

I believe its easy, simply because if you are ready, really ready in terms of studying , making sure that you have done everything necessary to trade, then its easy. Even when you lose, you will know why you lost so you learn, and move on. That's what I believe.

MrMatipid says:

No. It is hard to be a millionaire. Yes, 90% of traders lose. Everyone wants something for nothing!

MufflePuff says:

Eyyyyyy Tim!!!! I use ETrade and TD Ameritrade.
It will feel damn near impossible to be a millionaire in the beginning, but it will feel more and more possible every week if you DON’T QUIT.

RobinHood Day Trading says:

YES it's easy, with Robinhood anything is possible

Liz Lele says:

Exactly, you described how bad it can feel to lose when you don't have much. It's hard to keep with it. But I think i'm finally over that hump so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I feel more inspired. It didn't feel real before but after only losing $100 on my little 1k account (by cuttting losses quickly) after 24 trades, I feel good. Thanks Tim!

Jennifer Tidwell says:

No, but is possible

Nick Kandelya says:

Nothing is easy in life its all about working on yourself every day and go for your goals.

WingedSentry says:

Becoming a millionaire not easy, to be in that group, one needs to put in as much work and commitment as they did, no short cuts

saksham dahiya says:

is it worth pursue trading even after few ""platform"" using traders pattern and data to teach ai trading???

Burly Trader says:

NO its hard having a consistent yet evolving process

Travis says:

Dude I totally needed to hear this today I almost switched back to my free trading account. I told myself I give it another month before I made that decision. And then out comes this video. God bless you and your family. I just hate losing is all it is. 😁

Jack Of_All Traders says:

Buy gold, Tim!!! Hahahahaaa!!!! 🙂

dawid jagielski says:

If becoming a millionaire would be easy, I would have become a millionaire long time ago

Earl Shaw says:

I think it would take a lot pf work. I am barely making it from check to check so my goals are just a second income and more time at home

Forbidden Knowledge says:

so you want me to pay to the brokers you promoted? 🤔

Ian Rosas says:

No. Nothing worth doing is easy.

SirFrostyBeards says:

Nope, not ez

Fabian Vazquez says:

Hell no, won’t be easy at all!! Hard work and discipline!

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