Why You Haven’t Made Millions Trading Stocks (And Likely Won’t)

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This video details the difficulties and pitfalls of making big money trading stocks while thinking like the crowd. It was not unless I realized after 10 yrs of struggles that my buying strategies were too much like the crowd, and I had to change them in order to make the millions that only 1% of traders make.

These are some of the strategies I use to enter stock positions and limit my exposure to getting shaken out of a winner.

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Greenspud Trades says:

This is very good. It's contrary to what a lot of "stock educators" tell students to do about stopping out. A lot of these gurus' techniques would set up a person to be shaken out on every little dip. It's almost as if there's a big secret out there that all the pro's know – they shake out all these jumpy noobs while the investors with a longer term horizon get some good entries. It's important to be able to identify these shakeouts because they often precede the real move that transpires over the following weeks or months.

mrrmart says:

Could you do a video on your back story? How you got started, mistakes, career etc…

white w red wall says:

Great vid, also gonna start using marketsmith. Thanks.

don marblenni says:

thank you for putting this video together. looks like volume drops during some of these shakeouts.

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