Why You Need to Trade Options – Live Trading Example on Selling a Covered Call on Shares of Stock

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It has never been easier for retail traders (people like you and I) to successfully trade and navigate the financial markets. In this video you will learn the most basic options trading strategy: how to sell a covered call on shares of stock.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” -Benjamin Franklin

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Yamid Jaramillo says:

hy tyler, what is the difference in a bid/ask call and bid/ask put?

Frank Cantor says:

Thank you


hey tyler thankyou for this informative video …i am new at learning the language of wall street….i am reading several books by michael sincere…his books have allowed me to really understand what u r talking about….finally i have some monies to invest in options…..i am really excited…do u have mentoring classes or do mentoring?? how does that work??

Watch eye says:

Nice trading desktop.

Ronald Lumang says:

do you have any current option recommendation?

Bobbie Hollie says:

Nice Video!!!

Biyn TuwMuch says:

That was a pretty straightforward explanation. Thanks a lot. I am interested in trading weekly for income, but have only a $5000 account. Is it possible to accomplish a reasonable income at that level?

Juliette Ackerman says:

great videos i have watched them all ..wondering what software charting you are using or service that in your videos

Valentina Glinsky says:

Thank you, Tyler, for a clear teaching. It's easy to understand and inspiring to want to learn more. I listened often to all your videos and it looks like I am ready for trading options. 🙂 As much as I understand there is a possibility to buy back the call option that I sold if there is a threat for it to be "in the money". How to do that? Can it be done before the expiration? How soon after selling the covered call? Maybe you have a video covering that strategy… …It's also very nice to see that you are replying to the comments… :)

Jeff Morillo says:

Nice monitor setup mayne!

Zanaya Sade says:

would like more great videos buying leaps  and puts

Ganesh Jothi says:

Great video. Nicely explained. Didn't know this strategy before.

Tyler Chianelli says:

New Video on Why You Need to Trade Options.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPAwCrW1spI

schnellerfuchs13 says:

Nice explanation. Thx

OptionTradingCoach says:

Learn more at: http://OptionTradingCoach.com

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