Will Bitcoin Break 10k Tonight? – Live Look

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pat freak says:

Fuck i hate these people in the comments who think they know the right truth. No one cares . Make ur own video if u think u know so much more than Tone, see how many views u get, and ED just get hit by a bus.

mester heys says:

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Prog Nauts says:

Really enjoyed this video! keep uo the good work guys!

Crypto Win says:

Good video. Doing right now on the website primedice min 0.02 btc per day.Uploaded a new video on your channel.

Cata Arseny says:

this guy, vortex is retarded..stop talking bro

Tuck Buckford says:

I am sure Bitcoin will Break 10k ..perhaps tonight…..but when will Bitcoin BREAK!…Will there be a sell soon after? …It's no longer decentralised…it is controlled by a small group of Chinese miners. Transactions are far too slow to be of any use as a currency. The never ending Bitcoin forks will eventually debase it's value, just as government debase money when they print more. So called trusted third parties are increasingly required..we can call these people the "New Banksters"

Alex Stepanenko says:

really fun to watch the show

blackbird garden says:

Jimmy, tone and vortex, great stream!

AndrejCibikDesign says:

Tones fundamentalism is making me skeptical of his rational thinking. Thinking Bitcoin is the king is ok, I think that too, but thinking everything BUT bitcoin will go to 0 is fundamentalism.


When you're poor you have poor people's problems. When you're rich you still have problems but you have rich people's problems. Thus for example in the Western world starvation isn't really a problem but obesity is. So bitcoin and Bitcoiners will continue to have problems but these will more and more be rich people's problems.

bazilian0 says:

Forget the price. Taking all into account, the question is, how much would you sell your bitcoin for?

BlockChain says:

Tone I want to understand this chart stuff. Where do I go? I want to understand your charts and what the numbers above the candles mean etc. I want to study your work more closely and lean from you send don't know where to begin.

Mijnzeezicht van der zee says:


my bitcoin adress

SanktGallus says:

43:00. Why didnt you take this kid to the police? Supporting criminals in passive way is also bad for experts, they hurt your bitcoin too.

SanktGallus says:

Why elon musk? Satoshi is dead. People are just dumb like teacher tone said…

João Pinto says:

everyone always forget to tell why the price is rising so much. There are only 21 million bitcoins. And by 2020, mining will be halved, so basically no one wants to get when the price's 400k… people want to buy bitcoin asap. that is way it is going parabolic. Sorry Tone, I like your TA, but Bitcoin is hitting 80k in one year.

SanktGallus says:

DASH and others . Speculation that another coin will do bitcoin small transactions, while btc is only digtal gold for the next two years, , only to buy a house car plane or a woman for the bitcoin meister.

SanktGallus says:

Risks, tether coinbase bitfinex blow up cheating on customers funds, new core team developpers getting greedy and powerful like king of trolls. Many get out in panic, banks overtake the value… buy the capitulation.

Jiany Star Massa vich says:

Tone. Be honest don't hold back. There's something crazy here

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