Will Bitcoin CRASH To $1,300 And Lower In 2018?

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I’ll lay out the case for the Bitcoin bear market continuing, and explain the position of the Bitcoin bears, and why they believe the Bitcoin crash will continue in 2018.
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Crypto Jebb says:

Stay tuned for tomorrows video where we discuss the bullish argument for Bitcoin! CORRECTION: I'm not sure how I made this mistake, but in the video I said that a falling wedge pattern is a bearish indicator. It is actually a bullish pattern in this case as it's a trend reversal pattern. I did know this, I must have gotten mixed up while recording, my apologies!
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Kito says:

If BTC goes to $1000, fock the whales! But it'll come back like a rocket, to and beyond ATH.
And fock Tone Vays, he's just a member of the team of global manipulators, they load OTC all BTC, tens of thousands of them, which you'll will sell because of fear and weakness.

Notonebuttwo Othman says:

What if I tell you btc will dip below one thousand ?

Just watch it happen

Steve Blomefield says:

Im with the bears because you are disregarding the human aspect. People are losing confidence in the BITCOIN currency because of people losing coins to fraud, to lost bitcoins, to pump and dump etc. You can have great charts, great analysis but you must also look at the human aspect. when people lose trust in currency the currency crashes. The tulips reached a low of a few dollars but bitcoin can go to zero.

adalberto picchioni says:


maltatravel says:

The lower low was set in $ usd…… so far in € Euros hasn't happened yet 🙂

togethertothebottom says:

bitcoin should go to 1k and ethereum to 20k… plzzzz do it

MrSolvaring says:

I hope it does crash to that level. Want to know why? So i can buy some bitcone.

EXCALIBUR4040 says:

$1300 is too good to be true.

doziboy803 says:

You know I just realized watching your video why are we even caring what Bitcoin does it's time for the market to break away from Bitcoin is being the standard and rely more on stable coins to stabilize the market they're better projects out there I'm better and better coins out there than Bitcoin it's time to separate and Let It Go. Bitcoin can make up the difference when they finally launch lightning

Pietro Del Franco says:

wow super precise and clear. I don't always comment and congratulate. when I do, it's because of great content

denzel k says:

I hope so. Please all btc owners sell your shit

Miguel Kruste says:

Currently there's no such thing as Bulls . The green days we see is Bitmex and other platforms squeezing shorts. This platforms need to do this otherwise they will bankrupt but instead they are making millions. Bitcoin needs to keep going down until eventually will go side ways for a while and starts to slowly ramp up again. No one is buying bitcoin at this price. Smart people rather buy cheaper coins that have a much better % gain potential. But the Bitcoin leads the way so im guessing that the wales will let it die because they want to buy cheap. There's also the algos that can be turned on and stabilize btc but the big boy will only turn on the algos when they decide and technical analyses its worthless when startups like Circle (Goldman Sachs) bougth poloniex for 400 million, the amount of money they have they will decide when and what will happen. I doubt that btc will just start spiking like crazy. I will wait for consolidation , side ways action and then i will buy. Margin trading really fucked up BTC too much manipulation this days, i hope the guys from Bitmex end up in jail because of the way they manipulate their own markets.

S Mc says:

To those who are speaking I'll of this video need to listen to Jebb's video and what he is saying BEFORE posting negative comments. HE is quoting OTHERS, not his opinion.

Vmondude's Asylum says:

😱 what a nightmare. Which way will it go? I’m ready to make a decent purchase but I don’t know whether to buy now before it breaks up or wait for it to drop and get more for my money!?

Kookies Kush says:

fud! you miss the dip?

Mark Taylor says:

Please sell all your btc, the price will tank and I'll buy even more, the sooner the better.

Banana Bandana says:

Hmmm sooo EVERYBODY is expecting. Bear yet last week everyone was a bull
Nobody knows wtf they are talking about

Bitcoin is boring that's why nobody is buying
David seaman isn't here to keep us interested.

Fjunboll Fungus says:


Sign up and complete simple tasks


Banana Bandana says:

Glad I got out at $20k
Beat the bush called thedown fall
And says it'll go down to 2000 way back at 20k

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