Will Bitcoin Keep Falling? Programmer explains.

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How low will Bitcoin fall? Many people are asking this question and today we’re going to discuss why the markets are down yet again and connect it to the news and fundamentals.


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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


XPopCornX says:

Tone Vays censors comments and has a bad track record, he gains followers because he is friends with Max Keiser and other influential people. Don't listen to his bad predictions.

Ak Jay says:

Bitcoin will keep crash until bitcoin pairing with altcoins is disconnected.

diocid says:

Im fairly new to crypto and this so exciting.I started in January 2018. You channel is great, full of data, super informative and spot on, unlike some others that talk lots of nonsense about unrelated topics for 5-10 minutes before they get on topic. I invest in stocks and mutual funds since 2003 and seen lots of ups and down in the stock market, nasdaq, dow jones and sp 500. what had work best for me is to HODL as they say in crypto and i would buy more in times likes this when market goes down significantly and people are afraid, panicking and selling. I don’t know if this strategy will work in crypto, but i hope and am confident it will.

Dei War says:

In any market more sellers than buyers causes something to drop and vice versa!

P.B M says:

I think all those reasons you mentioned contribute to this fall in many cryptos and it is hard to tell the proportion of how each of these affect the price. But considering is the people’s interest one of the main,Is it good that the people who is not serious about crypto leave? I guess it’s reasonable if they had this unreal idea that the price will go up forever, unfortunately, in the short term this certainly affects the price…and in the long term I think it reflects there’s a long way in understanding and adopting cryptos…Thanks for the video Ivan!

ken ken says:

It is clear manipulation…many whales missed the boat…accumulation is easily done with low volume and on Sundays. Theres a bigger picture than what the charts show…a bullish one. Remember society is driven by fear…fear is an excelent way to control and manipulate. We are taught fear early in life. I never panic during these markets. The cycle has repeated itself so many times. Just grab some popcorn and enjoy the show

Randy Stump says:

Great video, well stated and concise. I agree that there are many new announcements/political developments that could spark a rise again, and I also strongly believe that bigger institutional investors are coming, so I am not concerned about the overall health of the market. (This phrase will be carved onto my tombstone). I say sit tight, and get some ETC now!💀


Are the whales who control the price and sentiment in the market, the two come together…the algorithms play another big part in the equation.
For retail investors is a difficult task. Those that made the big money (retail investors) were lucky to be at the right time in the right place.
Nowadays the same guys probably are loosing money as the majority of us.
The ones with big money are making the real profit and the investors with vast experience (mostly) in the financial markets too. The crypto market is so hard that even some of the experience investors are loosing money.
At the end of the day the good times will come again (bubble) and those who could stay in the market will benefit.
We will go up and down many more times and we will have boring days as well.
Another factor to take in consideration is when the banking system will crack and bonds and other assets will collapse.
All those technical analysts forget about such important factors as geopolitics.
Be careful out there, the young guys in crypto with vast knowledge in technology are not aware of the geopolitical situation world wide.

Igor Petrinić says:

Ivan you've mentioned payment coins. I suggest you to research and try to use one of the best developed coins so far GRS Groestlcoin. As a programmer you will be amazed.

Gene Williams says:

Interesting …🤔

Robert Russell says:

F.O.O.L – Fear Of Opportunity = Lost

Robert Russell says:

Please keep selling everyone….don't even think about who's buying your sells 😛

jayz tron says:

Probably adding ethereum classic because it's trusted and a working product

Frederick Vesseur says:

A drop of 30 billion in one day isn't a loss of interest. Big players are shorting BTC.

Giantlink Investments says:

Prayers needed, crpto on its way to the grave

Peter Oitzinger says:

Let BTC keep dropping to $4K or $5K. A healthy correction. The mania is over. The main stream is just "over crypto". They don't care about it anymore. They have lost too much money. They won't be back.

mth says:

master of the obvious…

Nicholas Manning says:

I love bloodbaths…..buy buy buy…..bye bye😁✋

Freediver HD says:

No one saw this coming? Tone Vays saw it coming.

Olivia Lovelace says:

Smash deLikes Guys!

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