Will Bitcoin Rebound in 2019? The Bull vs. Bear Case

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The Great Crypto Debate: Part II
One year after Bitcoin hit nearly $20,000, what can we expect from crypto in 2019?

Caroline Hyde (Bloomberg News)
Joe Weisenthal (Bloomberg News)
Michael McKee (Bloomberg News)
Mike McGlone (Bloomberg Intelligence)
Ryan Selkis (Co-Founder and CEO, Messari)


soulreed says:

This comment thread looks exactly like a Reddit thread a uear ago. Not sure what that means though. Lol

marcelino Perez says:

One day it is at zero. No one State in the world agree with that in private hands. They will go to use the technology and then ….all Cryptos of fantasy are worth the remembering.

Anton Emil says:

7:24 such a nice host ! rarely see that on CNBC's crypto discussion 🙁

A. X says:

Bravo! And good call on EOS! It's up 25% today! Bitcoin up 10% too!

Minh Do says:

Just because they made a 22:00 minute video on YouTube is good thing for bitcoin.
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mr sandeep says:

Huge year for cardano

HD كاس العالم says:

Buy XRP folks
It’s way under valued

Bryan YouTube says:

Just the fact that Bloomberg is talking more and more about crypto is a sign that big money is coming in my opinion.

mikey Dent says:

9:49 Decentraland, hit me up if you want a house built for your piece of land in the 3d VR world of Genesis City! see my work on youtube and contact me on discord "CyberMike#7014"

Trader-for-life Philippines says:

In Nov 2017 and was trying to get into Bitcoin and crypto for the first time, and ended up buying a fraction of BTC at 19K USD, I had two prayers after buying .001 BTC. I wished 1) that I get some meaning full volume in this space and 2) that the crypto market collapses!! haha. as of today I got both wish and I am happy


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Matt Palen says:

I saw this and panic bought

God First says:

XRP baby going to be king

Crypto Vic says:

13:07 This dude got the goods

TheBig Nig says:

Fuck these fraudsters don’t listen to these idiots all liars and idiots who know jack shit about Bitcoin.

Barron From The Future says:

Bitcoin 50,000 before new year buy in now.

Tigger says:

Ether mentioned but not second largest? lolz

Brandon Beavis Investing says:

I bought some bitcoin for the first time!

Jaris Tan says:

When these guys are calling $1500 as bottom, its good news. It means BTC will not go down to that price.. We hoddlers must not play into their game.

Hella Tipsy says:

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