Will Stock Market Crash Again ? – Bubble Ahead ?

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The markets are at the highest valuation in the History ? Does that means crash is about to come again ? In this video we will discuss what does history tell us about the crash and I will answer the 2 questions –

1) Why stock markets are moving ahead inspite of the bad economy 2020
2) Will there be a crash again to March lows in Nifty

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Vinod Agarwal says:

very nice , candid and comprehensive analysis . Very reassuring . I am expecting that market will top out at 11500 and return towards 8888 by 25 Oct 2020

sushil jaiswani says:

superbly explained

Centrist Rapper says:

Brilliant video sir

Shrinath Ram says:

Mr.Bull killed Mr.Bear Yahoo… Nothing can stop the rally …

Sagar Sasane says:

It's good to see some youtubers following the history os stock market unlike other youtubers who only follow news like rbi governor said this and that. And they are saying crash instead of correction. Hate those youtubers who try to hype the negatives…

Ronak Vasa says:

I have a question though. The crash of 2008 and the current market crash have completely different dynamics. There was a diminution of demand back then and now its both demand and to some extent supply along with high inflation rates and increasing fiscal deficit. The economic recovery of 2008 was by and large by QA and other forms of economic stimuli, but that can't be the case anymore correct?

Money and Market Malayalam says:

how can we compare nifty pe with historical pes? when nifty stocks are replaced by high pe new stocks…ur opinion on this?

Rakesh Kulkarni says:

Well explained 👍

Diwakar Puri says:

Beautiful video……

Nitin Torambekar says:

Very well explained 🔥. Loved it 🙏. Thanks a lot for valuable insights.

Rajan says:

Good timely Reminder and Balanced observation . Good stuff 👍

muneet kakani says:

Interestingly put!! Simple yet sound and effective content!

Nageswarreddy Burra says:

Thank you for insights.

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