Will Stock Market Crash in 2019 | Stock Market in India 2019 Election effect

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What will happen to the stock market in 2019 after the general elections ? Will the stock market crash ? Will it rise ? What should you do with your existing investments ? Find answers to all such questions through this video.

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Being Human says:

Sir will you please share your point of view on Jublient life science right now I buy it on 507 Rs 500 quantity but it's falling now I have not any new from this company. Plz share your opinion

Saurabh Soni says:

Sir ideya bag mai mai kysy join hu

nitin bindal says:

Hi Pranjal, I have account with zerodha. I have heard discount broker does not give option to invest in IPO is this true? Can you please confirm and also what is the solution. Thank you 🙂

Piyush Jain says:

How did you make the intro music? It's so good.

Amit Kumar Singore says:

Yes bank buy back aane wala hai kya sir?

Pardeep Tandon says:

India grows at 6% because of the demographic dividend it is currently enjoying it does not mater on the government .

Akul Bhutani says:

Hi man,
As u suggested that if a person has to invest a lumpsum amount money together then wait 2 or 3 days after election results for the market to get stable. But now it has reached to new heights! Should investment be done now should we wait for it to get lower? Or in another words is the market overrated now?

Suman Kumar says:

what an idea.

Rahul Choudhary says:

Sir, please describe warren buffet's long term investing strategy.

Once more orchestra mumbai says:

Lagta hai nhi girega Chote rahega upper niche thoda thoda

pink9912 says:

Delta corp, Sterlite technology bhagega

pink9912 says:

Retailers portfolio not much improved even if mkt is on all time high

pink9912 says:

Dabur, indigo, Bajaj finance, dmart, amrutanjan, federal bank, India cements, Cipla, sunpharma etc buy on staggered way to create wealth

pink9912 says:

Mkt will fall from here monsoon will weak

sbhshmaithani4 says:

Kuchh Ni pata tumhe

Amit Waghela says:

Hi pranjal sir vry positive ur video.

Akash Yadav says:

It's keep what early happen

Azhar Hussain says:

oil sector up trend after election result

Azhar Hussain says:

History will again repeat

Azhar Hussain says:

Long term -Nifty level 8500 within 1.5 year
And short term- Nifty level 13700 within 6 months

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