WILL STOCKS CRASH AGAIN IN 2019? Stock Market Crash 2019

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Will Stock Crash Again In 2019? The fed just cut interest rates for the first time since the financial crisis. The fed stated that they will cut interest rates again as early as September. The fed blames trade policy developments and inflation running below target-they argue these are threats to a favorable outlook of economic growth.
U.S. and Chinese trade negotiators plan to meet again in early September, as the latest round of negotiations in Shanghai ended with signs the sides discussed Chinese purchases of American farm products — a key demand of President Donald Trump.
“In light of the implications of global developments for the economic outlook as well as muted inflation pressures, the committee decided to lower’’ rates, the Federal Open Market Committee, led by Jerome Powell, said in a statement following a two-day meeting in Washington. It also noted that “uncertainties” about the economic outlook remain.
Officials also stopped shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet effective Aug. 1, ending a process that very modestly tightens monetary policy and was previously scheduled to come to a close at the end of September.
Policy makers appeared open to another cut as early as September when they next convene, while sticking with wording in their statement that preserves their options.
“As the committee contemplates the future path of the target range for the federal funds rate, it will continue to monitor the implications of incoming information for the economic outlook and will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion,” they said.
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Jérôme Carrier says:

Of course the market will krach… it'S not IF… but When… Remember the most dangerous words are ''This Time it's different''. Stay Vigilant!

Investing Education says:

The only time a crash seems most likely to me in when we r in a bubble. I think we r still far from a stock market bubble.

Jokeasterfe says:

Up. Down. Sideways. I’ll be buying. I’m not a trader. Plus, volatility makes buying fun. Something is always on sale 👍🏼

Mark Kubes says:

What would happen if we took the Training Wheels off the Stock Market? ( unwarranted rate cuts + stock buybacks ) China will run the Clock out on this 🤡

yaseen ahmed says:

All my stocks are down today. I’m losing 6% of my portfolio

DOM says:

Love the volatility

Kylie Megan says:

The crash is coming get ready

Frugal Investor Life says:

I don't think there will be a Market Crash in 2019. However if Fed keeps cutting the rate to 0 and US were to slowdown, what would they do then? cut to negative interest rate? we might see a crash at that point

Jeff B says:

Do you have a podcast? I would like to listen to this when I'm driving.

Jane Dali says:

The massive share buyback program due to record low corporate taxes keeps the stock market from going down

Space Monkey says:

Last time they did this, was in 2007. Thats when the market start to rollover. Lets see if the history will repeat it self.

AMP Jones says:

So everyone was saying the market would take off to the upside today if the fed cut rates but it did the opposite. What can I say other than WTH people??

Yep like I said a few days ago. DJT lied again putting out fake news about China and that talks were going very well when they were not and are not. He is definitely one amazing Con Artist and has been for decades.
Trump better watch out how he talks trash about China too because as he most likely has NO clue about this country owes over 1/2 of our national debt to China….we can barely even pay the interest on 22.5 trillion debt especially when Trump has given huge tax breaks to the mega rich and nearly 40% cut in corporate Taxes. That is billions yearly not coming into the tax base to pay for the debt and interest on debt.

Stockmarket Money57 says:

I’m holding the majority of my wealth in the stock market with that being said I am fully anticipating a crash stocks are expensive

Passive Income Tom says:

A few more months before they meet. 🤔 Anything can happen in the markets between now and then. Who knows if a deal will be made. They haven't ironed out a deal yet.

Money Andmurica says:

Im just holding everything in I don't think there is much downside in the markets maybe I'm crazy

kelly ryan says:

Trump is getting the interest rate cut that’s he’s been pushing for big time lol

Owlcity 56 says:

I don’t know if stocks will crash soon but the market has staged the largest rally in decades buying now is stupid

Scotty G says:

So I doubled and a half with FMCC thanks to you. sold it all @ 2.53 It's dropping hard. Do you think it might get to $1 again?

june201955 says:

It's a nice set-up for Deutsche bank to be the villain to crash the markets now.

Phil Newins says:

Whenever the stock market crashes thats just an opportunity for investors to buy more

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