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Surud Patel says:

Algorithmic based Wall Street is surely manipulated. In truth stock Markets are to reflect the true value in the economy. The composition of an Algorithmic formulae includes factors that are fiction at best.

woodworks1423 says:

Funny we went from limit down to over 300 up in 12 hours. Over a thousand point swing in the Dow. Rigged?

Seeker of the truth says:

Who knows what' going to occur, but it will be bad. Stay strong, and love one another put aside petty differences, and realize we are all in this together. Trust in Jesus, you know the one that the world ridicules the most, the one who is made out to be the bad guy in the media, hollywood, and society at large. If so much time, and energy is going into trying to tarnish his image, and single out his believers that has to show you theres a reason for all of that bad publicity. YHWH the Father & OUR Creator is real! His word is living, and active sharper than any double edged sword! His son Yeshua (Jesus) paid the price for all of us. There will come a point where so many prophecies written about in the bible so long ago will keep coming to fruition that it will be impossible to deny. The state of degeneracy, degradation of values, gluttonous behavior of every kind, and any other negative/wicked begavior is at an all time high. This is babylon, and you may ridicule this statement, but it is true. Why do you think pastors in churches never mention anything about America in the bible. Every other place is pretty much listed. Revelation 17:5 (KJV) — And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. Our country is the leading power of the world, and has done business with every country there is. If you cannot see we live in babylon you are choosing to deny reality.

AlienGods says:

I honestly think they'll wait awhile, so they can really pin it on him personally, not just the perception of him


The stock market always gets f'ed up a little after the election.

Angelo Mannara says:

Even Russian Roulette has higher odds of you winning than the stock market.

Angelo Mannara says:

Better off playin' lotto. lol

GodIsLord Gaming says:

Well, it already did. Your prediction actually already happened with the stock market.

neonlent says:


Captain B says:

Markets have to return to FAIR value, when?

IzzyNChrist says:

I'm interested, I know people who invest in the stock market and I've been trying to discourage them from doing this for years. Hopefully now they realize why they should stop.

king joe says:

the stock market did drop a lot…so good guess huh

james rivers says:

Trump won

GreyboSneed says:

nice call

Leah Claiborne says:


Matthew Gentit says:

It's already down 3.5% and Trump hasn't even officially won. Don't worry the bottom is about to drop out like a mofo!!

No one. No one. says:

As 2016 approaches, Republicans are salivating over the hopes and dreams that Hillary Clinton will be defeated by someone the Republicans select to run against her. Per usual, the Republican side of the aisle is a hot mess. They have candidates on top of candidates, sitting on top of candidates. They have everyone from pastors to celebrities looking to run for POTUS; it’s like Gary Coleman and pornographic actresses running against Arnold in California. It stands out as a huge joke. The craziest punchline, however, is actually in one of the Republicans’ most serious presidential prospects: Donald Trump.

Trump is someone the entire world knows, and thus the entire world knows that he’s a blowhard in a bad hairpiece. Even still, some misguided Republicans out there actually believe the man would make a great president. Oh, those poor, lost people. It’s hard to be angry at people you should probably feel sorry for. Since Republicans cannot seem to figure these things out for themselves, let’s examine some reasons why Donald Trump would be a horrific president and actually harm America indefinitely.

Ten Reasons to Not Elect Donald Trump

1: The Man is a Jest

Donald Trump is not a serious political figure who commands respect. He’s a joke, a bad one at that, who hosts a television show and builds crappy hotels and ugly golf courses. He’s the punchline of the world, quite literally, as he was once the honorary punching bag of a celebrity roast. He has no shame and even less professionalism. Donald Trump as president makes the whole of America look like a joke.

2: His “Values” are Actually Bigoted

Many Republicans are seal-clapping in anticipation that a religious conservative will actually get to have his views forced upon America. For the rest of us, however, this is a scary prospect. Trump believes marriage to be between one man and one woman, which means he’s openly bigoted against the LGBT community and the rights of same-sex couples. Donald Trump as president sends America’s progress back 50 years!

3: He’s Not the Business Genius People Believe

“But Trump is a billionaire businessman,” people scream. True, but a couple of points here. (a) He inherited his wealth from a father who made a name for himself. (b) Most of his money today comes by way of his celebrity, not his business acumen. (c) He has filed bankruptcy multiple times, which means he’s make horrible decisions and has gone broke – more than once. Can America afford bankruptcy?

4: He’s Too Cocky to Help America

Trump is so self assured that he makes Napoleon looks like he wasn’t entirely sure of himself. He’s far too self-important to ever be an effective politician, much less the POTUS. In foreign peace talks, the man would probably stand up and walk out, throwing a tantrum if people didn’t agree with him. And sorry, Donald, but you cannot fire the leaders of other nations! What will he do, besides whine like a toddler?

5: He’s Not Intelligent Enough

Trump did attend the Wharton School and went to Penn, so he’s not unlettered. However, when it comes to knowledge outside of business (which has still failed him more than once), he’s really painfully lacking. He knows nothing of science or mathematics and thus doesn’t lend any credence to stem cell research and other scientific advancements. With the way his mind works, he would simply re-inflate the housing bubble and hope that it held this time.

6: He’s Uninformed on Key Positions

The most glaring here would be that Trump was the ringleader of the Obama’s-not-a-citizen crazies. But he also seems to know next to nothing about how sanctions on nations work, evidenced by his screaming for “more sanctions” and “more sanctions,” without ever addressing any positives or negatives from these “sanctions” whatsoever. He just likes saying the word, but he doesn’t know what it means.

7: He Has a Greedmonger’s Spirit

America has been making strides toward social justice and leveling an uneven playing field for nearly a decade now. Trump, with his ultra-capitalistic beliefs, threatens to rip away welfare monies and job programs and education funding in favor of more of a meme-style of American living; e.g. “pull yourself up by the bootstraps.” Easier to do when one can afford bootstraps! Trump’s greedy spirit will cripple the poor.

8: He May In Fact Be a Racist

Not only has Trump said on Twitter that blacks and Latinos commit most crime in America, but he’s also on record saying that we should be giving Europeans access to America and a path to citizenship, but not Latinos south of our American/Mexican border. Why, Donald? Why does he seem to have disdain for racial minorities? We’re not saying he is a racist, but it smells, walks, quacks and swims like a duck. You do the math.

9: He Has a Shady Character

Donald Trump is not a man of high moral character. He recently left Scottish citizens homeless in order to build a golf course, bulldozing their lands and displacing proud residents of the nation. And he’s done the same to minority communities by destroying their areas for hotels and casinos. Plus he has spoken out repeatedly against affordable health care for American citizens who are poor. His morality meter’s needle is too low to read; his character is as shady as it gets.

10: He’s Far Too Impulsive

Trump is a man of more base desires and vainglorious pursuits. He’s been known to have Sean Penn-like outbursts, and the biggest part of his multiple bankruptcies was because of his impulsive behaviors leading to bad investments and overspending. An American President cannot afford to be so impulsive. A President needs to be measured and calculated and willing to compromise. These words do not exist in Trump’s vocabulary.

This list could have gone on for at least 50 solid reasons, but listed above are the top ten why Trump should never be America’s President. We cannot afford to have a guy like him in our highest office.

Jess h. says:

Heavenly Father in the Mighty name of Jesus. We come to you uplifting the United States of America. We ask you to form a hedge of protection around us …protect us physically. ..spiritually and mentally. We ask that you give us wisdom guidance and direction. Wake everyone up Lord and pour out your Holy spirit on this Nation. Bring us closer to you than we have ever been before. Help us to be strong and stand firm on your Holy word. As this election is taking place we know you are in control our lives are in your hands. We ask that your will be done. In Jesus name amen.

cindy camille says:

The great I AM has already overcome the world. I'm with Him! Praise Yah, King of Kings.

gabrielsyt says:

Where I work our only options are mutual funds or cash.  If there is some other option I would love to hear it.

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