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WILL THE STOCK MARKET CRASH AGAIN IN 2019. Stock Market Crash 2019. In 2018 the S and P 500 crashes -20% over a couple of months. In two months the s and p 500 has rallied over 16% with a dovish federal reserve and the hope that the global trade wars are over. The fear was that corporate earnings were going to collapse and we were facing an economic recession. This video explores institutional moneys take and perspective on the markets. Let me know your own personal thoughts!

Link To Bank of America’s Take On The Stock Market: https://olui2.fs.ml.com/Publish/Content/application/pdf/GWMOL/ME-cio-weekly-letter.pdf


Josh Winston says:

There is a political situation stewing and it is nearly to a boiling point. Watch March for it to start overflowing as the investigation comes to finality and knowledge is made public. This will impact markets IMHO.

Hubris says:

Maybe. Who knows.

Except maybe the Fed and their friends.

Andrew Trapman Trading - Investing - Motivation says:

Great video as per usual thank you….My Gold portfolio has gone through the roof the 2nd time this year.Gold is forming new highs money is flowing from the general stock market to the safe haven.
My punt at least another market correction on the horizon or a crash.Ive deliberately concentrated on my Gold portfolio since october.As I trade Gold stocks and Commodities often I could see the traction it was getting wich only means one thing .Those in the know are reducing their holdings in the General market in to Gold seeing what is comming. Historicly we are over due for a crash.The market cannot keep going up for ever with so much negativity pulling on it Economically.?

Cyberworld 7 - Stock Market Millionaire says:

We are having a melt up market are going to reach new highs

M M says:

Let the Market fall already. I have pulled all my cash out of the market. waiting……

George Oommen says:

US economy is super bullish. Magazines and news is about stocks making new time highs. Even world leaders are talking how strong the US stock market is.

Too me this means only one thing –the last signs of a sinking TITANIC ???

Malibu 340 says:

Last October wasn’t a crash. The crash is coming!

begley09 says:

All depends on what Wall Street does, if big money keeps going in the market well small retail investors continue to sit on the sidelines, it’s anyone’s guess?

Ken Dalton says:

I truly enjoy your videos. No pull back this spring. Global Slowdown.. pick ul back about middle of July. Please give me your thoughts about the housing market.

Saibu Shayer says:

Awesome video! Would like to see more reports like this, and would be nice to know your own personal thoughts too. Although, I think I know what you are hinting at and I don't disagree 🙂

A-Okay Metals! says:

We will see new highs before we see any pullbacks, thats because the market doesnt pullback when everyone is as cautious as they are.. hitting new highs will be necessary to get the masses back bulish.

Ed XO says:

Already started shorting today after market close. Will ladder in if it keeps climbing and the obv stop loss, makes it a good risk to reward. Still holding a long position from that Christmas rally

Investing Robinhood Investor says:

Hold some cash as a position and invest when there are dips!

Sara Willis says:

I’m waiting for some panic selling I sold everything and missed the huge run higher. No way I’ll buy after such a dramatic rise.

Gary Robinson says:

I hear a young voice. Garbage on the basis you have not lived long enough to understand the whole market.

Ariel Noel says:

LOWER!!! Let's be real we all know where the market is headed even though it's rigged by the fed lol ?

Aray Ray says:

Here I am anxiously awaiting a pullback! There first real selling we see will be cataclysmic

Johnny Will says:

Great video awesome insight into the markets thank you. ?

Space Documentary says:

I came here for the TRUTH!!!

Jane Dali says:

I think the markets will collapse this year just as easily as they did last year. Why would China want to give in to the USA?! It makes no sense. Global trade wars are still a real threat to financial markets.

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