Will the Stock Market Crash? – Market Minutes for April 15 2019

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When will the stock market crash? This week, I take you through a simple method to know when market weakness is approaching. I also provide my analysis of the overall stock, oil, gold and bond markets and then go on a search for some stock trading opportunities. Finally, a look at the trade of the week on CTRM.


matt balliet says:

How can this be true if Donald Trump just made a speech at the White House on Easter saying the economy is the best it has ever been everything is up there's jobs? Somebody is lying I just don't know who to trust anymore, it sucks!!!

jaypeze walters says:

Haha…buyers in control…this is big banks, buy-backs..and algorithmic manipulation. ..but money from smaller investors is coming back…but only as long as our debt continues to soar!

George E says:

It's a bubble.

George Coelho says:

A wee bit more energy, no pun here, in this presentation. Market crash discussion as we approach all time high in the S&P. Is that a 7 out 10?

Chris Terry says:

Excellent lesson as always. Great reminder that the trend is our friend. Looking forward to seeing you in Calgary.

bill mancos says:

Thank you very much!

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