Will The Stock Market Sell off Continue?! **Watch Entire Video For Context**

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The questions that are on everyone’s mind is…Will the stock market crash? Will the sell off continue or should I buy the dip? Is this the beginning of a market crash?

In order for any one to answer these questions without the benefit of hindsight is darn near impossible. What we can to is use technical analysis and look at key levels in the stock market to give us context as to what might happen next. By doing so we can create trade plans and strategies.

The current price action of the stock market saw an aggressive sell off today as soon as Donald Trump tweeted that the stock market again was at all time highs. By the end of the day the Nasdaq 100 wiped out 6 days of progress.

The candlestick patterns that are forming suggest more bearish times are coming, but with all the news that can come from the ECB, Fed, Vaccine news, etc…That can all change very quickly.

Be sure to watch the entire video to gain context on where we stand in the current market conditions.


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Figuring Out Money says:

Hope you all are having a great week! Thanks for all the engagement on my daily market briefs. I love doing these!

Nicholai Alexei says:

Bitcoin trading nowadays is a big chance to make money

coco rose says:


Matthew Semenuk says:

No.. No it wont.. it hasn't yet and it isn't slowing..

Melissa Betty says:

Investing and diversifying your portfolio with stock, cryptocurrency and forex trading is the wisest thing to do and it is really profitable ✊

JB 15 says:

Is it wise to base your trading decisions solely on technicals? Sentiment and fundamentals matter too. I wonder how many people this year have been burned by selling at resistance over and over…

End of the day the market is going to end up doing whatever it wants to inflict maximum pain on both sides of the coin.

The rug will probably be pulled out very soon ,but who knows we could see s&p 500 hit 4k by year end.

Scott Saunders says:

Best indicator = coco one woof up or two woof down

Haru says:

This is such a good time for me to start my dividend portfolio.

Gianfranco Bergagna says:

Good work Mike

Gianfranco Bergagna says:

Fed has done to much already till now!

Gianfranco Bergagna says:

The interesting thing is that now USA markets are getting weaker even with a dollar that is going down!

Gianfranco Bergagna says:


Gianfranco Bergagna says:


brian zarb says:

The comparison of the daily comodity chart versus the weekly DXY was ridicilous… wasnt expecting that Mike!

Gianfranco Bergagna says:

You have only seen the bull market! March was a walk in the country side compared to the real bear 🐻 market when it comes!

Gianfranco Bergagna says:

Mike please don’t joke at your age, you call this a sell off! Camon! A real sell off you never seen it in your young life! But stay tuned you will see it then i wanna see your reaction! Tara

Steve Stroker says:

December 28 2020 the big one

Tom Thim says:

ahh i got it now. You look like edward norton

Gabriel W says:

Best way to confirm whether a sell off is powerful or not is volume. The volume was not that good. We didn't come close to the volume of 11/30 sell off and that day didn't stop anything from happening but continued upward movement. We needed volume like 11/30 and on 11/30 we needed a candlestick like 12/9 (yesterday). These two together would be a powerful move down. But we are either getting the candlestick, but not the volume or we are getting the volume, but not the candlestick. If however, we get a follow through today to the downside with increased volume, then we will have something (that would mean there is a group of institutions making the market go down instead of institutions fishing in the shorts to nail them again), because that might be enough to get the weekly stochastics to turn down. Until the weekly stochastics turn down the trend on the daily chart is up.

Bull3tphreak says:

Donald Trump – The idiot indicator

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