Will We See A MASSIVE Stock Market CRASH Again In The S&P 500? 28.04.2020

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Will we see a massive stock market crash again? We could have a catalyst this week including huge company earnings and the FOMC meeting which reports on Wednesday

S&P 500 today detailed technical analysis update. Are we looking at a period of deflation and has this run up just been a bear rally or bull trap? Here, I share technical analysis for the S&P 500 and the outlook for the rest of the week using the technical tools we have such as Elliot wave, Fibonacci and Volume analysis including earnings reports, moving averages, etc.

Stock Market Crash 2020

This is a stock market forecast for 2020 today using technical analysis of the US stock market for 2020. I analyse the broad market and give potential scenarios for the future of the stock market. I discuss whether a US further stock market crash in 2020 is likely. Will it be a correction or a full stock market crash? I use long term charts and the market cycle theory template to illustrate potential outcomes. I also use Fibonacci retracements to indicate targets for the next economic recession.

Will we see another crash or depression scenario

This is the worry currently, the type of rally we have seen thus far is not typical of a bull market. Also the March stock market crash we saw was very short lasting barely 4 weeks which is atypical as companred to previous crashes and recessions

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Sajad says:

This is IT! FOMC meeting and huge company earnings coming through. This is the inflection point! Will we print ourselves the most inflated bubble in human history or will stock market confidence dissappear? Share your thoughts below!


No it won’t, you missed your chance to buy to late now

Unknown Noclue says:

most likely by the end of Q2 it might tank bc of all the negatives Q to come .

Alessandro Margiotta says:

U still looking for direction lol it’s up

Dave Online says:

Keep an eye out on the 3000 level!

Tony M says:

I enjoy your analysis, but why don't you use the built-in Elliot Wave drawing tools? It would look much nicer.

DarthLordPotato says:

What garbage. You flip flop more than a logic gate.

cheeseUout says:


Cleared Hot says:

Once the last of the shorts are covered, (probably this week) the strategy of shorting the market will be "dead. The Fed will buy every micro-dip and the FOMO crowd will continue to rush in after every gap-up, Dow 30k by July 4th. Until something change, I will be "selling" Puts.

Donato Iorio says:

Just want to say you do a great job. Well done, Sajad! I agree with both your technical and fundamental analysis.

Gideon Plada says:

Most excellent! Thank you!

VPR Realtor says:

Im in the same boat, have been waiting for a huge correction to gain an entry point for the long term. But with uncle Sam printing a mountain-load of money, where else will the money go if not to the stock market?

Mangekyo69 says:

Dude people not caring about bad earnings they looking toward post covid lost vaccine next year brah

Misaka Mikoto says:

Don't fight the fed, just go long without margin and wait a few years and forget it. Stock market is a casino and feds are management, they will step in if you keep shorting (winning).

Tim Dawg says:

Not going to crash

Allan Perk says:

have any of the EW guys got the rally right ? i follow a few and seems all have been changing views back and forth..
do we see anyone confidently given a forecast based on EW

peter phelps says:

I have just entered the market on several long trades so it is guaranteed to crash!!

off loc says:

Been listening to nothing but bearish predictions from technical channels over the past week. Either these channels are full of it and trying to get their audience short so their longs get squeezed, or technical are useless in this market.

Alessandro Margiotta says:

All bs! Stock market is bull now period! And the avg person miss it alll

Paul Gibbett says:

News is irrelevant, company earnings don't matter, GDP can be overlooked and profit warnings can be ignored. The market is only going up. The S&P will hit 3000 this week, with a return to the all time highs in the next month. The S&P will continue its upward march as the year goes on. Frustrating for anyone looking for a buy in, totally ridiculous considering the horrendous economic outlook but the Fed has torn up the market rule book.

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