Will You Be Ready When There's a Good Trading Setup?

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Even when I’m too busy to trade, I can still find stocks to alert in my Supernova Alerts newsletter. Find out here, why I don’t usually trade my own alerts and why they can be so great for traders who don’t have much time on their hands. Watch this!


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Today, I’m in Mexico filming for a special project. But I’m still trading…

So here’s a quick video on how everything went down this trading day.

If you’re not familiar with my Supernova Alerts or newsletter, it’s more for the trader who’s just too busy to do all the research all the time but wants to understand the concepts I teach.

Don’t get me wrong … I don’t believe these alerts will make you a better trader in the long run…

These are designed for those who have a lot going on but still need to work to become self-sufficient in trading. These alerts might help cross reference whether you’ve found a solid opportunity.

I was actually super busy yesterday, and I still managed to send out a supernova pick. But most of the time I can’t trade the alerts I send out.

I prefer to solidly convince myself why I should enter a trade, instead of entering without enough information.

Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: $ADIL) was the stock I sent in the alerts. The company had some news break out that was related to the coronavirus. That’s why I thought this could run.

Tune in to see how this stock’s chart played out…

Here’s one of my proud teaching moments. Some of my students don’t even subscribe to my Supernova Alerts, and they found $ADIL all on their own. Congrats to those students on becoming self-sufficient.

And don’t forget! My next live, all-day trading session is this FRIDAY, October 2. Join me. It’s where you watch me trade and can ask me your trading questions. Check the links above to sign up…

You might even catch a special guest if you join us … Don’t miss it!

Comment below if you understand how I can be like your training wheels in the market. Say, “I am ready to prepare!”

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Timothy Sykes says:

🔴 Trade with me live, this FRIDAY: https://bit.ly/30jYQ8u

Comment below if you understand how I can be like your training wheels in the market. Say, “I am ready to prepare!”

Trey Heat says:

The ones with the F at the end do well sometimes. I just never see them on Robin Hood 😪

Lubosi Maboshe says:

i am ready to prepare..Tim i have learnt the supanova!!! i can see it with my eyes now!! its a good feeling..thank you for your teaching..continue being a good teacher.Thank you.

Delbert Flambouras says:

I scaled into this one while it was holding a support level around 1.80s, had about 1000 shares with an average of 1.94, it was hanging out under vwap but I thought "I've seen this before" and knew that it was going to catch on after all of this insane premarket momentum stocks died out. Scaled out between 2.30- 3.60 for a nice $600 roughly. You would have been proud of my execution Tim, I sure am.

Serdal Ruf says:

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kongtxu Vang says:

Do you have to be your student to be in your twitter group?

Calvin Kind says:

I don't have the patience for stock volatility. FX GU is where it's at for me personally.

Forever Aroma says:

Well said thanx tim

Julio Corona says:

Welll i saw it an watched it playout from morning until the end it was a great learning experience I will have my account up by fri. Thankyou so much because I understood what was going on because of your material that I've bought an have been studying.

Chef Curry wit da shot boy says:

What are the 7 indicators ?

Bawor Bruno says:

Thanks Tim great video.

By putting date of video production viewer could see time context..n

Light and Numbers says:

NO I WONT BE READY… BECAUSE… ALL i do is FORCE a trade to work and it NEVER WORKS. If i step back and get my WITS BACK. Then MAYBE I will be prepared.. but all im prepared for right now is to be a rookie.. and rookies dont make MONEY.

Super Lad says:

What application do you use for your stock chart in the video please?

Allan Arakelian says:

Hey Tim! Thanks so much for sharing this. I'm curious, what scanner do you use/recommend? Do you have one you recommend and that doesn't just turn on when the market opens? Something to show premarket percentage increases by volume?

Ana Wells says:

You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

AlphaGTR_ says:

I AM READY TO PREPARE! I was studying on and off for about two years before recently joining penny stocking silver for the next year. Been watching the markets everyday and studying for 5-10 hours a day! Trying to play catch up and learn from the past so I can be prepared for future plays! Being patient and trading very small with my real account. Mostly have been paper trading and I'm up $508 for the week! I am trusting the process, Thank you Tim!

Silvia Bellrock says:

Great setup, nice explainantion. Thx for sharing.

Mikel DeHart says:

Im literally never ready, i seem to be ready for losing money these days though.

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