Winning $1,000 Day Trading Stocks

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rfccw949 says:

Dude Etsy was a great gap and go. But just random buy markets on that spread. So easy to have just entered a limit order and ride it up. Outcomes don’t make it a great trade.

Rob Jenkins says:

Why do you execute order at the high of candle? Wouldn't it be better to execute at the pull back of first candle? All respect I am just curious if it was an accident. Thanks for all the content!! Love this channel

76ers says:

4:18 – If you didn't sell out of ETSY, how would you avoid losing on a massive drops like that if you don't have a stop?

Jack Wood says:

You got such an sharp eye, how long you been trading?

oki 2ki says:

what do the button flatten mean i see you hit that button everytime u come that to get out on the ask?

TradingMonkey says:

good trading…geez….I respect the way you move in and out of your trades so effortlessly…Great job!

Dassd Schsdu says:

Awesome trading and video!

Aven says:

This is all so daunting! I'm going to keep watching and keep learning. Trying to learn how to use thinkorswim right now, but it's challenging. Thanks for what you're doing!

Sergey Ozeruga says:

Hey Connor, ETSY was on your watch list this morning, I was just curious how do you choose that one over many other that gapped up? It was a great pick, easy money trade

Siraj Muhammad says:

What scanner is that you are using at the bottom of your screen

Cole K says:

Putting in the work. Nice work fighting fomo!

It’s Omar says:

keep on the good work

Fail Planet says:

Hey Conner nice vid. Which EMAs do you use?

madlife5 says:

Thank for the tip this mornimg on ETSY. Cleared 3% and got out too early. Messed up my trail loss. I'll blame it on new-trader learning curve. Love the videos.

chris smith says:

Well done Conner Good trading

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