Wolf of Wall Street Teenage Millionaires That Became Rich Trading Penny Stocks

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http://connor.pennystockstraining.com Wolf of Wall Street teenage millionaires that became rich trading penny stocks from what they learned from another millionaire stock trader, who helps ordinary people duplicate his success.

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Edward Easterling says:

The interviewer interrupts too much. Otherwise I like the story.

Chris Jr says:

good job! can u help me with the stock market i want to be in the stock like u! u my role model bro

Sebastian Bower says:

Does anybody know what apps he used?

Formerly BK says:

Kids story is inspirational yet very doable for anyone who takes the time to learn and to fail in order to succeed. Good vid.

david arredondo says:

Timothy Skyes Ive been following this guy for a while randomly came across this video

ben the bat says:

I just feel like punching this fucking asshole in his smug face. Let the kid speak motherfucker!!!

Super Sayan says:

Yea Tim isn't a good interviewer but fuck people get your facts straight before you call him a hater or jealous this guy is rich af and donates 25k every month to Charity

damienz says:

This guy is terrible at interviewing.

Emmanuel Ike says:

what does it mean to cut losses?

Kenyan JMC says:

did he pay taxes on it?

Positive Minds says:

This guy is in the vortex. He is living the stocks. He is the stock. He became the stock. He used his OCD and ADHD in his advantage and he did it well. Hope he has a high stress tolerance than he will be a great broker.

DarknessXmo says:

cool video i watch bro good luck hope i learn and work with you

Carlos M Alberio says:

The interviewer is penny stocks millionaire Tim Sykes,the kid is one of the gurus that work under Tim over at profit.ly, Tim is worth 4.4 millions as of this month

Daniel oswald says:

What app did he use to do his penny stocks trading, I'm struggling to find one that's right for me

Russell Lamb says:

how do you get started

Cristiano42414 says:

He looks like Timmy from South Park!

Russell Lee says:

tim shut the fuck up.

Danny Dressel says:

What's the app he uses to trade (sorry I'm new)

13-AB3L says:

yall need to shit up he is fine interviewer he has to keep redirecring the guy he talks too fast misses key details that keep his story chronologicaly informative once they started talking business he sort of settled in and really showed his smarts on the skeleton of the matter.

Mike Blitz says:

Teachers don't like it because you're making risks and taking action! Fucking losers are making what you make in a month in a year and are haters. Keep shining!

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