World Economic Crash. Prepare Yourself Accordingly.

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Did you know that it has now been eight consecutive years without a formal United States federal budget. That means we’ve had eight consecutive years of debt ceiling increases, continued threats of government shut-downs and the back-and-forth blame resolutions to fund government.

As the stock markets all around the world are simultaneously crashing and warning signs continue to mount – Stefan Molyneux describes the latest news on the road to economic collapse.

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Karla Rios says:

What can we do to prepare ourselves?
I have heard plenty of times by teachers, read town news papers, and idk why but the bible comes in mind as well that by 2016 there will be an economic collapse. I have been getting anxiety over this, and I have ideas of how to get prepared, but I need help in knowing what are other ways??

Junkmonkey Axeman says:

I notice an accent , I'm sure in recent history MY country has saved yours

Dom Jervis says:

Thank you for an informative video, sir.  I'd like to offer the following for your consideration.
The day will come soon when China, Japan et al will no longer buy our debt at its current interest rates.  I believe that will happen when our debt reaches $20 trillion.  There is nothing magic about this number except:
1. It's nice and round, and
2. Certain people will realize that it is larger than our annual GDP.  In other words, we have already spent next year's paycheck.
In order to be able to sell more debt, we will need to raise the interest rate upon we repay it.  If that doesn't work (which it might not), we will need to cut spending to the level of tax revenues.  This will let us service our debt, pay for Social Security and Medicare (which have their own funding mechanisms), National Defense, and little else.  Thousands of Federal Employees will lose jobs they probably never should have had in the first place, had we followed our Constitution all this time.
The potential good news is that this just might be the impetus to allow the Libertarians to come to power.  They have known what the Federal Gummint should be spending their money on and what should have been left to States, Municipalities or the Private Sector.I'd appreciate your thoughts on this sir.  And thank you again for a video that tells it like it is.

hman630 says:

Well  isn't Hillary going to fix everything after she is elected and she takes away all guns?  and in that way  wont everything all be ok again???  HA ha  Just kidding.  The B&%ch should be in prison  But they wont touch her ugly fat ass. I wont despair   so don't worry about that. GOD IS in CONTROLE . so  once you realize that,  you wont worry anymore.  The world economy will come to a collapse soon but no one knows when.   but then is when the antichrist comes down and seems to fix everything. all, that, except him and worship him will  be sorry for it  because soon after he comes back claiming to be christ  the true Christ will come back. and all that worshiped the false christ will     well  that's all ill say about that at this time.  But good Video.  . Don't worry about the economy  . rather stock up on food and water.  and watch.

Dweliq says:


lockmat9 says:

Put your money in a vehicle that has a "floor" that provides downside protection but also with growth potential. It's not a secret, just many people don't know about it. Please contact me for us to discuss it.

further_up says:

well, maybe, not yet tho. SPs up > 100 handles from recent lows. in the context of the money game, it is clear enough the evil empire is boxed in and dare not redeem expiring bonds, so they'll be rolling over, maybe for quite sometime. Translation, the selling lately was built on the fear the money supply might fall apart, and not pricing it in. Hence, the mad rush to come back in on the long side.

Steve S says:

criminals dont use budgets, they steal and extort wherever possible. as long as the fools, oops I mean citizens, keep paying taxes and buying more healthcare because they were told life would be unbearable otherwise….the golden egg goose never stops. If they get too much money they can use it to bail out (reward) large corporations to use to pay lobbyists to bribe politicians to pass laws to force purchases. Great system. it is kinda like armed soliders bring peace…LOL….fools!

willyb0ne says:

These global elitists we must stop empowering….

Would they be K type or R type?

Sal Monella says:

No coincidence that QE3 ended on 10/29/14 and the market traded in the narrowest range ever seen for almost 10 months straight! Just look at the incredibly high volume of shares that began to be dumped just a week after China devalued their yuan on Aug 11 & 12th. The party is over people! The NYSE had to invoke Rule 48 on Aug 24, 25, 26 & Sept 1 just to save the market from free falling in the premarket!

Piro Hunter says:

dont get stressed or angry on things you cant change just smile and lough and love becouse nathing in this world can take a away your good memories and if you are in a terible position just lough harder ans smile in the face of oblivion becouse in the end there are things you cant change alone you can only protect thyself and make the most of what you have

Ivan Bognar says:

World economy will crash, prepare yourself accordingly….LMAO!!!!

Lawrence Murdock says:

this is all b***** this happens all the time in history the last time it happened I didn't even notice if your finances are not secure enough to where you can't deal with a little bit of inflation then the problem is not the economy its your finances and by all means I do not make a lot of money

stephen says:

U go fed money for everybody. If someone says "stop " bribe them with more money than they can carry. Happy happy birthday

hex0mega says:

Hey Stef, I've been following the Austrian line of economic thinking for a long time and find it to be the only sound approach, but I was wondering if you'd have an answer to this as I'm a bit confused and I can't find a proper answer to this.

If the fiat USD currency supply requires that new currency is constantly "borrowed into existence" then wouldn't the national debt simply be a close reflection of USD money supply? To my knowledge it actually is! If you watch Mike Maloney and others they even talk about how it's impossible to pay off the debt for that reason, yet even Mike Maloney says the debt is crazy. So I'm confused why people including politicians always say we need to reduce the debt. Why don't they just admit it's actually not the same thing as paying off a car loan. Also, I think you'd agree that if the money supply was completely static then we'd experience a deflationary effect to the same degree to which the economy was expanding. In other words it seems like if the money supply was inflated based on the the percentage of actual growth then the two would effectively cancel each other out and we'd see zero price inflation, while keeping the money supply in line with growth. Obviously the temptation for gov is to inflate more so they can spend it, but how does one sort this all out? What is actual debt and what is simply reasonable money supply growth?

Jay Dudson says:

Use percentages. Not points please. 🙂 for all market moves

Ham Sandwich says:

Which drugs are you on? Many of your "facts" are inaccurate but more importantly the conclusions you draw from them are inexplicably non-sensical. Go back to 1st grade and start over; pay more attention this time though.

Ham Sandwich says:

Which drugs are you on? Many of your "facts" are inaccurate but more importantly the conclusions you draw from them are inexplicably non-sensical. Go back to 1st grade and start over; pay more attention this time though.

radulescu valentin (freedom) says:

i don';t see any solution here , everyone criticize but no one has solution that is better than what we have , it sims that criticism for views and popularity on youtube is modern this days and channels that talk technical , measured information has few houdreed or thousand , we are in a time when we need solution and we have philosophy that is not even productive to know it , useful information my help , nobody benefits just talking without solution , i see and watch tons of content on internet to find or connect the dots a, yes to find some solution atleast in numbers math , and other tools from science but when i discover channels like this without giving value to solve situations ………………………

stephen says:

The government has been "borrowing " a trillion billion dollars a year ? Why stop now ? What will happen ? Money will be worthless ? If nobody can buy anything nobody can sell anything either. The day the economy collapses will be the day I apply for social security

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