World Stock & Bond Market Collapse Coming Says Michael Pento

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Returning guest Michael Pento is back to warn us of a bond collapse to coincide with the stock market crash we’re all expecting. There’s just too many reasons and too much debt hanging over the world for this one to be avoided. Combine that with that fact the FED has used up all their ammunition and can’t lower rates anymore. When a trigger event like Saudi Arabia selling their dollar-denominated assets or the Bank of Japan ending their debt buying, the whole system worldwide can spiral out of control.

02:00 Dollar Dying as IMF adding Chinese Yuan to SDR
02:50 Saudi Arabia to sell Dollar Based Reserves
05:00 Federal Reserve Cannot Normalize Rates
07:45 QE, $6 Trillion stash to $21 Trillion in 9 years
09:45 Bond Prices going Down, Yields Going Up
11:00 Chaos when the Bank of Japan stops Buying
12:10 US has 96 months of 0% Interest Rates
12:30 Bond Market & Stock Collapse Worldwide at Once
13:00 You Must Own Gold to Protect Yourself
15:00 Gold is Money, Silver is Industrial Metal
17:50 We’re in a Recession, Mainstream to Admit
19:00 Clinton or Trump to be Very Disruptive to Markets
19:40 Get more from Michael Pento at


Stew George says:

This idiot said the bond market would collapse in 2016. Well he only has 6 weeks left for his forecast to come true.Too bad the truth is Gold/Silver is a toxic investment and anyone who listened to the stupid Gold bug fools will be sorry.

Mary F. Norton says:

Give me a break. The Bible says that men will toss their silver and gold coins out in the street.

Gary Cristani says:

beg[nn[ng of the fiscal year is in october

Jim Friend says:

you are ALL PINHEADS if you listen to ANY of these youtube FINANCIAL GURUS. THEY'VE All been hollaring crash ,panic. for years

96BxelA says:

Thanks for a great podcast. Michael Pento is spot on! UK subscriber

Stew George says:

Michael Pento has been predicting a bond market collapse for years along with falling USD, stock market collapse, etc. Just above everything he has predicted has been wrong.

Derelect5 says:

What happens when all markets and all money are transitioned into a corrupt and captured price control system? Legitimate markets and legitimate money arise. The free Cryptocurrencies have arrived. The cryptos are the peoples money and the central banks can do nothing about it.

burr 12345 says:

Feds around the world are buying stocks. If the stock market drops here, the fed will jump in and buy half of the market with fiat money. They won't allow stocks to drop.

Edgar Avies says:

Kenneth is this the week to go all out on silver

Disc Culture says:

20:15 = Awkward

Jonny Blaze says:

Canadian cannabis stocks are on fire. All buyable on OTC market and poised for once in a lifetime moves.

SlayerX says:

All this advice and I'm as broke as a whore during lent.

Rockapulco says:

2 points about Mr. Pento's analysis.
1. his claim about CBs stopping their bond purchases once they reach they're inflation targets of 2℅. No, they'll just move the target higher. Just like when the Fed said they were going to stop QE once unemployment reached 6℅ lol
2. Silver's industrial use isn't replacing its monetary worth, it's added value!!! it's worth more because now there's more demand for it.
Other than that I hope Mr. Pento is right about market corrections..I'm tired of waiting…

SlayerX says:

Oh god not another interview with the fucking mic up his NOSE!

Henrik Wallin says:

Interesting info and thoughts, but he's totally wrong in a few crucial things:

1) The central banks say to the media that they are doing QE to increase inflation. I have no idea why, but if you dig down in ECB's homepage, you'll see that QE is done to kill inflation while providing their product Euros. When you buy the heavily QE:ed currencies, you're basically buying a set of index funds. Even worse than BoJ is the Swiss Central bank, and they buy anything to keep up the value of their currency.

2) The crash idea is just wrong. With currencies that are basically just bonds and a few stocks and gold, nothing will really happen. What should happen? If the stock market goes down, then the bond market will fall and then the currency will fall and then… Everything stays the same!

3) I'm bullish on silver because it's an industrial metal that is valued too low, but there will be a little crash first. (As we saw today, but it has to get really through the technical signals and fool most people before going up again)

We have to see a dollar crash though, just like we saw with the "Brexit" (BoE started with QE). If Fed doesn't start with QE, the dollar will be over with.

Gold Banking Specialist says:

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MDSsystems says:

silver has been money longer historically than gold ,i believe the french word for money means silver

River City MOVERS (Michael Anenberg) says:

If we short the stock market and make a ton of money on the way south….what makes Michael think that there will be ANY liquidity to PAY the shorts? The currency will be worthless. This is a great concern. Margin calls will be a joke.

Buy100ozSilver says:

opposite happened stocks went up precious metals hit hard today.

Charles Wilson says:

he is dead wrong about silver.

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