XAU/USD Going to $1800? Here's my Favorite Trade Setup for Gold

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MPlain says:

I would not be surprised to see gold completely blast off soon. The market is finally going kablooie thanks mostly to the corona virus scare…but this was coming and overdue anyways. This was going to happen. It was not a question of if…but when…and why exactly. anyways. the safe haven of gold is going to go nuts. i am not in on this though…lol. there is so much volatility out there that some pairs are ping ponging by 100s of pips a day. This is like money raining from heaven. Get it while you can. Happy trading.

Marvin Jose Baranda says:

Love watching your great videos here in the Philippines, Sir Nick..i am a newbie to this business and just started last week and keeps learning..you are a lot of help! Thank you 🙂

Carabkacida Abdalla says:

Nick i wanna join ur vip channel please send alink

Jason tradinghigh says:

Not saying you're either right or wrong but I would use the fibs from the bottom of the leg in which the pullback is in progress.

John Hincapie says:

Nice Nick , exactly retraced at 50% fibo.

ella furman is the only person who can says:


Aftab Sarwar says:

I sell the gbpusd @ 1.29345 with stop loss 1.30750 and tp @ 1.27400.
Am I right or wrong? What's your opinion? I am subscriber of your channel. Aftab sarwar from Pakistan. Waiting your answer. Thanks

Snack274 says:

I would take your directional bias on a lower time frame because of the volatility. Take a look at the 2 hour and tell me if you would be comfortable going long. My preference 15min directional bias determination. Entry on 1 min counter trend switch. No long term holding for me, get the money and run. Just made $50 on 2 min trade. Going to lunch on gold.

Austin Mitchell says:

Great video, your a genius lol you make it make sense for me

blu1945 says:

Spot on, yet again, as usual. Very concise, straight to the point and educative. Thanks for sharing.

Were 2 Now says:

Might be a good buy on the 4h chart

E Maca says:

Take a fib from the low on 17th jan to the high and watch how it lines up with the support zone.

pablo ventos says:

I set a SELL action trying to scalp some 💰 when the price was starting to skyrocket… Little did i know that the price would go up so suddenly. The worst thing is that I forgot to set a stop loss so at one point i was down almost 600$ luckily I managed to hold onto the trade and now its going back down 😅

Christopher w says:

100% agree with you. I marked up my charts a little different but same end goal. Awesome to see I’m actually learning from you!!

Bass Drip NCS says:

awesomely epic

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