XAU/USD Technical Analysis: Gold Trade Setups and Long Term Outlook 📈💭

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محمد العوادي says:

As a beginner, I started a 0.01 lot up.
I have a passive balance for now.

Emzino Gambino says:

Love dis guy I dnt even watch no other video but his cuz he break it down so u understand 💯👌🏾

Riding The Waves - Forex Trading says:

Nick I inboxed you On instragram. GOLD is going to fly up next week please reply and il show u the signs

Warren Griffin says:

Over time i have come to understand that learning when to swing trade and when to day trade is important this has helped me reach a target of earning $500 to $1500 daily, following the Vlad Ibrahimov Strategy turned out to be a very important lesson for me, just google it.

My Travel Vlogs says:

Good analysis

mad mad says:

why does he say SMA when it shows a simple a MA ? I KNEW THIS GUY WAS A SCAM ! (jk)

Giveness Tshimomo says:

Short term short and long term long on Gold

Rolando Duenas Jr says:

Nick why? SMA rather than EMA for 200 moving average.

Randy Roberts says:

Awesome vid fam. Im getting into gold atm. What time would you recommend trading gold?

Jason tradinghigh says:

Hey Nick!…Just wondering what your opinion is on how many pips a day would you consider "good"…"Great"…or "Incredible "???…On a consistent bases.

MPlain says:

This has a whole lot to do with news around the US. see the China issues. Watch that deal. even the soft deal which everybody expects causes the dollar to gain ground. Interesting to see how Nick is working this from a strictly chart point of view. Put up a 200 ema and see where that is. i tend to agree on using the SMA as a breakout but would expect the EMA to be a bounce zone. I honestly have not looked at gold in ages as i have had a trade running on it for like ever. unlikely i am bailing until i see things that tell me reversal.

Michael Grant says:

Thank you Nick. I have been looking at gold myself. It’s sitting at about the 38% mark. I wasn’t sure if I should buy, or wait till it goes back to the 50% mark. Now I have a better view thanks to you 🙂. Thanks again Nick.

robert brown says:

i wish i bought gold in 2009 and held iit till 2011… id be a millionare

Tairae Hersemann says:

Any suggestions on a broker allowing metals and CDF, possibly even crypto? I use Oanda now and the only downside is that i cant trade those. But I like using Tradingview more than MT4 and they don't really offer too many brokers and it sucks to bounce between charts and trades.

Aurélien says:

Hi Nick, thanks for your work. The intro music feels way too loud.

ChR!5t0fUr says:

Usd/jpy is negative correlation to xau/usd so sometimes analyzing usd/jpy is beneficial to get an understanding of what gold will do.

Trading Wealth says:

Waw very interesting I love it. Hey everybody wishing you thousands Pips this week, happy to start my week with $5000 on Gold…

Porky Pip says:

I'm now a Gold VIP member, thanks for the discount Mr Nick.

Rendani Raphulu says:

Hey Nick hope you have a good weekend. I love weekly set-up on gold.

sona emmanuel says:


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