Yield Curve PANIC as Investors Prepare For Stock Market MELTDOWN!

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The Money GPS says:

Look at how the market reacts to news today. Every minuscule piece of data causes massive disruption. This is NOT a robust market. This is NOT a robust economy. This is what you get when you try to pump blood into a corpse. Unfortunately, it's already long gone. The zombie apocalypse is here. It's the financial industry.

Milhauze Kraig says:

Does this not prove that markets are essentially parasitic??..Where is the added value concerning the Affairs of Man??..

1BDI 4UNI says:

I bet you wont like and comment!

Mary A says:

WALL STREET IS FACING WILD FLUCTUATIONS. This is NOT a sign of "economic growth". Rather, it is a sign of "profit taking" – the old "buy low – sell high" mantra. Again, the Top 1% are making BILLION$ in artificial profits, strictly based on MARKET MANIPULATION. Meanwhile, the REAL ECONOMY is slipping into RECESSION: bankrupt companies, stores & plants closing, massive layoffs in various industries, extremely high outstanding credit at all levels of society.

Bill Stidams says:

Prediction.. huge trade deal just before election, huge stock market rally, Trump wins of course, next four years locked down for team Trump. Market crashes spring of 2021, just before April 15.. gotta pay those taxes, sell everything, next three years rebuilding phase. Prepare and save, will be some good clearance sales going on. Lol.

SonicScooter says:

Ps…you slowed down….yippppeeeee…cheers.

Luvbonne says:

WHOOOO …. Could Have Known …???? .. Is Always the Tired Alibi that the Politicians , Banksters , Hedge Fund / Hustlers Use , [ J Cramer Always Talks His Book ] they Don't have Any Fiduciary Concern for the Public … Please Don't Change , David , like Many Have … Anyone can Make a living Without having to Scam the Innocent … Without the Public , there is No Capitalism … They Are Killing the Mkts & Our Liberty By Making us all Debt Slaves … Thanks for Posting …

Quebec Sucks says:

So scum bags in government tell us we are in a recession, mainstream media will follow and guess what, we are now in a recession…lolllllllllllllllll. Ya right, lolllllllllll….we never left the last recession… You over paid parasites in government have created a mess in this country, Canada and the US as well. Lies, lies, and more lies…all of them…Red, Blue, Liberal, Conservative, almost one and the same…come on, what a joke, all mainstream parties…all have added to our debt, and all have grown the size of government… greedy, greedy, over paid public sector parasites, baby boomers destroying our country…Over 6 decades of greed, corruption, massive government growth and debt, all started under daddy, Trudeau Sr and his crooked, corrupt quebec cronies and all who have followed…100’s of billions stolen out of Ottawa and funneled into quebec and other franco nazis towns, and companies, all across the country…all disguised as grants, subsides, equalization, bilingualism – only outside quebec (code for french) while quebec bans our language, a la bills 22, 178, 101… nice eh ? – all really legal theft, change the laws, steal more money, this is what they did…most people have no idea what happened to this country when Quebec, Trudeau, Lalonde… took over Ottawa = corruption, fraud, money laundering, every day, every way = government…follow the money folks, follow the money…french power $$$, follow the money…in all provinces. People really have no idea who took control of the country and what has been done to us over the last 60 years…..thanks Trudeau #1, and his crooked, corrupt quebec cronies, scary indeed…and until we repeal the laws – the charter, equalization, bilingualism (code for french), multiculturalism, a dreadful immigration policy…the damage will continue…this did not begin overnight, decades of it…follow the money…

andy says:

seems the market keeps moving on noise. rates, tariffs etc. seems like a lot of hype.

Youra Ninee says:

It’s here already! Never left from 2008!

parkerbohnn says:

Some great news coming out this weekend. Things are moving faster than planned for the Democrats.
Congress just received bank records that could finally blow Trump’s Russia connections wide open
Breaking News US


Ken Rose says:

Yes, I see for awhile, since June 3rd of this year ( Daily Treasury Yield Curve ) that the 6 month thru the 10 year has been inverted daily to the 1-3 month & the 20-30 year bonds

Gaurav Nagrani says:

Go Long on Gold and Short on everything else!

Derek McClure says:

OMG, the bond market!… Code Blue! Code Blue!

SonicScooter says:

Who the hell listens to Jim Cramer……..

wherami says:

jim cramer is perfect indicator of disaster is here .

Kien Hweng Tai says:

Time to buy Deutsche Bank shares!

Stuart Ogilvie says:

Thank you, Very informative Good work Done, Catch you on the Next one

Mission Partners says:

C'mom. Is the curve your basis for all the pessimism here? Technical analysis will get you no where fast. A lot of stuff has happened and continues to happen while you propogate this information. You need a disclaimer in the beginning of your vids, people (Bears) who are putting capital at risk based on these videos will lose. We follow this modern market and have been profitable for years. I like your content and your purpose here but warn your subscribers not to short sale. Buy the dips for the next 4 weeks. Thank @ModernMTeam for unbias insight just about daily. We see money flowing in and out. Definitely amazing thing to see first hand.

kainnobel says:

While this has been reported, it seems to have been pushed under the radar and I don't see anybody in alternative media picking this up. According to USA Today, Chase is exiting the Canadian market and has forgiven Canadian debt holders of their debt.

I know you don't cover politics, but politics and economics are married. Take a look at Oregon. They have passed a very vague and overly "generous" paid leave policy. From what I read, it covers even illegal aliens, and it is so vague that I'm thinking anybody can find ANY excuse to take this 12 weeks paid leave to take care of themselves, their family, their neighbors, their "family-like friend". While it may sound like "humanitarian" legislation to a low information voter, it sounds like Oregon is about to become a 3rd world state.

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