YOUR QUESTIONS: Gold & Silver Investments, ETF, IRA ++ Q&A Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin – 3/13/2018

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Chris K says:

ITM Trading what does an economic reset look like?

steve paul says:

Gold ands silver held outside the system but also cash

archivesDave says:

Lynette, what are your thoughts on Rickards' concept of a reset?

Mystery Buyer says:

I believe in a 90% metals allocation. 5% crypto 5% other. – cash on hand, barterable items.

archivesDave says:

More comprehensive discussion on blockchain, Please, Lynette. Also viable alternatives like Hashgraph. (I hear he won't release his patent)

Independent Thinker says:

How about an "on the road with Lynette" in Baltimore!?!?!! If so, I want the first ticket!! 🙂

Multi tiered Investor says:

3cs3hs. I disagree with buying gram and 1/10th gold sizes. I use silver pre-65 coins for barter or one ounce silver. Premiums on any gold smaller than one ounce gets too expensive. For one ounce coins or bars, I can always sell it to a gold brokerage house.

Anita A says:

I took out 1/2 of my IRA and left 1/2 hoping it will still be there at the end of this year when I will be 59 1/2. With the new tax laws it could work out well for me if nothing drastic happens till the end of 2018.

good man says:

Should one remortgage to To buy gold

Ritter Nico says:

Hello. Untill 1 year ago I didn't have interets on bying some precious metals but thanks To you and many others (rickards, mannarino, rogers…) I did quickly understand what To do. Even if it das difficult for me to understand everything because I am from France. So I just wanted To thank you for the great job you do and for all these information you've given to us. Take care of you

Bart McRae says:

Have you considered the keeping and retaining of your farm produce. Others will want it as much or more than you. Critters – very tricky and cunning. Humans – especially the gun toting ones – can be very convincing in separating you and your produce. What good is the farm idea if you can not retain the goods.

Paul Simmons says:

If Fed goverment issued gold and silver coin is legal tender in a state of the union can the Fed gov. overide the state law and the U.S. Constitution for that matter and forbid the use of gold and silver as legal tender by confiscation or other legislation? Is there protection due to states rights ?

Cleetus Smith says:

Two years ago I was given a choice. I could do nothing and start receiving a small pension starting this coming summer or I could take a cash, lump sum buyout of my pension. I took the lump sum, paid my taxes on it, and then used that lump sum to pay off my 5 acre homestead. I own my home and acreage free and clear. All I have to worry about are my country taxes (about $800/year) and insurance. Mild summers, mild winters, 60 inches of rain a year, no military installations or city within a hundred miles, 15 miles from the nearest town of 2500 people, a fish filled river at the edge of my property with some of the best fishing and cleanest water in the state, lenient gun laws, and it's all in a country where the cattle outnumber people by at least 10 to 1 and the people make up a tight knit Christian community. What more could you ask for? We have no bug out location here because we are the bug out location for all the kids from the families already living here that live out there in the cities.

tim jones says:

Who trusts the Chinese? They have been manipulating the yuan for years, the dollar is what it is but is less risky than the yuan

Georg Simon Ohm 2 says:

Lynette is my idol. Hello Eric.

tim jones says:

Do you have a water well? In Phoenix without municipal water your screwed.

Ashu Juneja says:

If gold prices go north in that case jewellery market would just die n demand from the retailers vanish, what happens after that……?

uawsux says:

Glass-steagall was a law put into effect to separate people's deposits from the banking Investments along with FDIC Etc they removed glass-steagall repealed it they have no intention of protecting the assets of the people therefore Deposit Insurance is ridiculous and therefore you do not need it because you already screwed also bank bail-ins will not occur in America because each and every deposit direct deposit mortgage direct deposit etcetera even mortgage payment without direct deposit is part of the fractional Reserve banking every time any person for any reason puts $1 into the bank system even if it is on a note because there is no such thing as a note it is a lie with mortgages you finance yourself therefore any mortgage payment is merely a deposit into the bank in line with the fractional Reserve banking system for every dollar that is put into the bank system $123 is loaned out if they want to do something on the order of balin's they will merely raise the fractional Reserve banking 226 130 because the law used to provide that only 12 and this is what they've done everybody's preaching worrying fears about digital banking we've already have digital banking we're in digital banking a credit card on computers at the bank is already digital banking they just want it all

uawsux says:

Best country on the planet cleanest dirty shirt I have been following this money issue for 40 years two very long time gave up on it 20 years ago I was fed up with the crap everybody's a money maker everybody is a schemer in a liar all kinds of schemes and lies and false information it is very very difficult to be a stacker very very difficult to put it in your brain correctly I've read hundreds of books political ecclesiastical economic and still can't put it in my brain cash first and then precious metals or both prices unemployment Etc are going to drive the economy into the toilet people lose their jobs lose their homes automobiles will be fire sale all fire sale prices take advantage with cash and then if you can hit the market or convert along the way

Paola Crawford says:

20K subs —— W O W !!!!

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